The Legend of Gunung Pinang

Once upon a time, in Banten seashore, lived an old widow and her son named Dampu Awang. They were very poor. Dampu Awang always wanted to go to Malaka and wished to be a rich man, so he and his mother could live happily ever after, but his mother never allowed him to go.“Dampu…,” a voice called Dampu Awang’s name. “I feel worried with your condition now, you’re just dreaming to be rich. So, if you want to go…it’s okay, dear.”“Really? Thank you, mom… thank you very much.” Dampu Awang  was very happy to hear that, then he went to Malaka accompanied by  a parrot named si Ketut.Every day, before the sun was rising, Dampu Awang worked very hard cleaning all of the docks on Teuku Abu Matsyah’s ship, a merchant from Malaka. As time went by, Dampu Awang was known as a very diligent ship crew until one day, Teuku Abu Matsyah called him to talk together.“Dampu, as we know, you’ve been working with me for five years…I’m very proud of you. You are very diligent and also a hard worker.” Said Teuku Abu Matsyah.“Thank, you, sir.” Said Dampu Awang.“And…I want you to marry my beloved daughter, Siti Nurhasanah. Will you marry her?”Dampu Awang was very surprised to hear that. “But, sir…I’m just an ordinary ship crew…Do I deserve her?”“Don’t worry…, I know the best for my daughter.”The days went by, and Dampu Awang had left his village for ten years.One day a news that a merchant from Malaka would come to Banten arose. Dampu Awang’s mother felt very happy when she heard the news.“I wish that is my son, Dampu Awang. Son…finally your dreams come true. Thank God…Thank you very much.”The next day, the merchant’s ship was sighted entering the harbour. Meanwhile, inside the ship, Dampu Awang felt very worried that he would meet his mother. He was a rich merchant now.Many people streamed to the harbour to see the merchant. He was very handsome, and on his shoulder… there was a parrot that seemed very strong and healthy.“Dampu Awang…son…here…your mother is right here!” Called Dampu Awang’s mother.“What a poor and messy woman. Is she your mother, honey?” asked Dampu Awang’s wife.Dampu Awang felt very ashamed so he didn’t confess that the old woman  was his mother.“No! She is not my mother! My parents were very rich and they had already died!” He denied,. “Hey you, crazy woman! I’ve never had a mother like you! Poor and dirty old woman!”His mother was very sad and her heart was broken. She was very disappointed. Then she prayed to God. “God… if he is not my son, let him go. But if he is my son, punish him…because he has made his mother sad.”The day turned dark. Thunder and storm appeared. Dampu Awang’s ship drifted on the sea. And the miracle came. Si Ketut could talk!“Confess your mother, Dampu Awang…, confess your mother.”“No! She is not my mother! My mother had died!”Then twister came and threw Dampu Awang’s ship away far to the South. His ship capsized and  became a mountain. Now people called it Gunung Pinang. It’s located in Kramat Watu, Banten province.


Student at University of Padjadjaran Head of Programm Invention Tradition (Inventra), Salman Mosque

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