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Communication ACM

Communications ACM adalah media komunikasi antar profesional komputer dan informatika di dalam organisasi profesi ACM. Media ini diperoleh secara online via email anggota. Berikut ini kutipan dari email yang dikirimkan.

Welcome to the Digital Edition of the April 2014 Communications of the ACM. To access the Digital Edition, please click on the cover image at left or on the link at the top of this email. Also see the Table of Contents at the bottom of this email.

Early-generation augmented reality systems are beginning to ship commercially, with Google Glass being a visible example. At the cusp of significant innovation, these technologies may bring unforeseen computer security and privacy risks, and previous research in the AR space has rarely considered these issues, according to this month’s cover story, “Security and Privacy for Augmented Reality Systems,” by Franziska Roesner, Tadayoshi Kohno, and David Molnar. The authors consider the security and privacy concerns associated with AR systems and supporting technologies.

Also in this issue:

“Formally Verified Mathematics,” by Jeremy Avigad and John Harrison, states that developments in computer science have made it possible to achieve complete formalization of mathematics in practice. The authors describe the current technology, survey the state of the art, and highlight recent advances.
“small data, where n = me,” by Deborah Estrin, asserts that small data, as well as big data, will transform medicine. Users generate a continuous trail of digital breadcrumbs, which can be analyzed to draw powerful inferences about your health and well-being, Estrin says.
“Who Does What in a Massive Open Online Course?,” by Daniel T. Seaton, Yoav Bergner, Issac Chuang, Piotr Mitros, and David E. Pritchard, looks at the tracking logs and interactions of 108,000 participants in the first MOOC offered by MITx (now edX), and offers insight into their behavior.
“The Internet Governance Ecosystem,” by Vinton G. Cerf, says the multistakeholder, cooperative, and collaborative nature of the Internet’s development has been a major source of its resilience, and should form the basis for its future evolution.