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Logbook#41 18 Oktober 2013


risetThe University of Skövde is one of the most profiled Universities in Sweden. We have decided to concentrate our efforts and resources on three research areas. By doing so, we can provide specialized, competitive research and highly skilled researchers to our partners within industry, academia and society in general.

The University of Skövde has a strong research focus on the development and use of advanced software systems for a variety of applications. Within this general focus we have specialized in three important research areas: one with a focus on the core of information technology itself, and its development and use, and two characterized by extensive use of information technology for analysis, modelling and simulation. A guiding principle for choosing these particular areas has been to identify an external need for each of them. The research is conducted at our three research centres:

Informatics Research Centre
Systems Biology Research Centre
Virtual Systems Research Centre

The research centres are made up of several research groups within related sub-areas who cooperate on research projects and research education.

The University of Skövde aims to not only produce high quality research, but to provide research findings in a form that easily benefits our partners. We work closely with our partners, and often provide a demonstrator as a complement to a more theoretical result. We also supervise industrial PhD students employed by companies, which enables us to optimise the knowledge transfer between us and our partners.

The University of Skövde has strong and close links with its partners, and we are seeking to further strengthen these links through a joint initiative with Gothia Science Park to establish a natural meeting place between industry and academia. In September 2009, a 11, 000 sqm building complex was inaugurated. This new building, named Portalen, houses the research centres and provides lab and office facilities for companies with a similar focus, making it one of the most integrated environments for research and development in Sweden

The University of Skövde also actively carries on research in other fields that are of importance for the education that is offered. Among them care, school and education, and economy are prominent fields of research.