Revenue and Management of Fund Finance Balance

by Rusdin Tahir on Januari 27, 2020

Rusdin Tahir, Dadang Hermansyah, Dyah Purnamasari, Berlianingsih Kusumawati

Abstract: Paper Setup must be in A4 size with Margin: Top 0.7”, Bottom 0.7”, Left 0.65”, 0.65”, Gutter 0”, and Gutter Position Top. The paper must be in two Columns after Authors Name with Width 8.27”, height 11.69” Spacing 0.2”. Whole paper must be with: Font Name Times New Roman, Font Size 10, Line Spacing 1.05 EXCEPT Abstract, Keywords (Index Term), Paper Title, References, Author Profile (in the last page of the paper, maximum 400 words), All Headings, and Manuscript Details (First Page, Bottom, left side). Paper Title must be in Font Size 24, Bold, with Single Line Spacing. Authors’ Name must be in Font Size 11, Bold, Before Spacing 0, After Spacing 16, with Single Line Spacing. Please do not write the Author e-mail or author address in the place of the Authors name. The authors’ e-mail and their Address details must be in the Manuscript details. Abstract and Keywords (Index Term) must be in Font Size 9, Bold, Italic with Single Line Spacing. All MAIN HEADING must be in Upper Case, Centre, and Roman Numbering (I, II, III…etc), Before Spacing 12, After Spacing 6, with single line spacing. All Sub Heading must be in Title Case, Left 0.25 cm, Italic, and Alphabet Numbering (A, B, C…etc), Before Spacing 6, After Spacing 4, with Single Line Spacing. Manuscript Details must be in Font Size 8, in the Bottom, First Page, and Left Side with Single Line Spacing. References must be in Font Size 8, Hanging 0.25 with single line spacing. Author Profile must be in Font Size 8, with single line spacing. For more details, please download TEMPLATE HELP FILE from the website.

Keywords: Extensive of tax, intensification of tax, performance, income tax, dividend fund.

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