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Translating Specific Indonesian Texts


Course Description

In this course, we will study the basics of translation techniques, both literal (borrowing, calque, literal translation) and oblique (omission, addition, transposition, substitution, compensation, concretization, generalization), as well as recognize and examine various problems and difficulties commonly encountered in written translation, specifically Indonesian – English translation. Note that most of the theoretical issues of the course will be considered in the practical context of translating specific texts. As students practice translating specific texts in the class both individually and in small groups, they will experience firsthand the contingency and multiplicity of possible translation solutions, among which the translator has to make one definitive choice, by applying one or several translation techniques effective at preserving the meaning of the Source Text (ST) in the Target Text (TT). Students will be regularly exposed to specifics of the two languages concerned: Exercise with passages on different topics from current Indonesian (and English) print and electronic media; Legal vocabulary: court decisions, statute, legal acts; Economy and finance vocabulary: regulations, directives and other documents concerning economic issues; translation of literary works: reading and analysis of examples translated poems, short stories and novel extracts; translation in specific areas: medicine, diplomacy, etc. Through the exercises, concomitantly, students will also be able to expand their active and passive vocabulary through extensive use of print and/or digital Indonesian-English, English-Indonesian, and Indonesian and English monolingual dictionaries, as well as enhance their grammatical skills.


Primary Textbook

Newmark, Peter. A Textbook of Translation. London: Longman, 1988.

Robinson, Douglas. Becoming A Translator. London and Newyork: Routledge, 1998.


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