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Why you got “T’s” in my Laboratory Work class and how to fix it up

First of all,  I would like to apologize for the late grade submission, and I’m really sorry if I did not respond immediately to your text messages and emails. The thing is that I’ve been kind of busy lately, teaching here and there, grading a load of tests and papers, and trying not to blow it off so much. But then again, I’m really sorry. God and Bu Betty are surely not pleased with me for this.

I have uploaded your grades to PACIS and you should be able to check them out by now. However, there are some students who have not completed some of the assignment components and therefore he or she got a ‘T’. If you happen to be one them, many of whom experienced technical difficulties during the online test, please don’t panic and immediately bombard me with text messages about how things got wrong, let alone think that I will not give you a chance to fix it up. In fact, I would be glad to help. But, I need your cooperation in order to do so. It would help both of us if you follow the simple instruction below.

First, here is the list of students who are required to re-take the online test. Look up for your name carefully.

1 ‘180410110057 FITRIA JAMAL
2 ‘180410110062 ESTI RAHAYU DIANTINI
3 ‘180410090017 CHIKA SARTIKA
4 ‘180410100140 RD BEBBY DAMBAYATI N
5 ‘180410100160 PRILI RUCITA NUGRAHA
7 ‘180410120003 ADELIA PUTRI R
8 ‘180410120004 ARIYANDI
9 ‘180410120005 ANTYA CATRA DENIRA
10 ‘180410120007 DEBY RAHMAWATI
11 ‘180410120011 AMALIA ULFAH KHANSA
12 ‘180410120017 ISMAIL HASAN SALAM
13 ‘180410120042 CHARLA CHRISTIANA
14 ‘180410120084 MAULIA SEFRIANI
15 ‘180410120097 ELDO NOVAN PRATAMA
16 ‘180410120099 CHAIRANI PERMATA
17 ‘180410120118 ANANDA FITRIANA R
18 ‘180410120123 MEUTIA MIRZANANDA

See your name up there? If you do, the next thing you have to do is go to This time, make sure that your internet connection fast enough to reliably listen to streaming audio. But since all the audio files are less then 1 Mb, if you use a USB modem for your internet access, normally it is supposed to run just fine.

Next, log in with username: “T+your student number/NPM” (example: T180410120000) and password: “labwork2013” (case sensitive). You can change your password as soon as you have logged in. Remember that you only have 2 attempts to complete the test, so use them wisely. The test will be available for you to take from today until tomorrow night at 12.00 pm. The sooner you re-take the test, the sooner also we can fix your grades up.

The website will automatically send me a confirmation email after you finish the test, so don’t bother to inform me. All you have to do is to do your best completing the test. I will let you know when your grades have been processed and posted. Make haste, and good luck this time.


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