Jan 9 2014

What is Media Literacy?

As cliché as it may sound, we now live in a media age. In Indonesian scope, the fact is that the number of Internet users in Indonesia is increasing significantly over the years, due to affordable prices of gadgets and mobile Internet services. In spite of the significant number, Indonesian government has not taken the issue pretty much seriously.

 The problem is that many young Indonesians nowadays receive nearly all their information through the internet; yet an adequate understanding of media is not given in schools. The active consumption of media among young people in Indonesia makes it necessary for them to be trained to deal with messages in the media. It is important to build awareness of what messages in the media might persuade to. This requires knowledgable stance and critical thinking. It is important for them to be media-literate. For more information, go visit medialit.org


Jan 8 2014


Ant climbing Mount Fujiwara. But Slowly. Slowly.