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Imazine was the first committee which I became the leader or in this case we called ‘Editor in Chief’. It was a digital magazine of Himatif which was published every year. This year was the 4th Imazine and the theme was “Colors of Himatif”. Please kindly help me by downloading the magazine here or check out the e-magazine below.

Actually I was happy because I was trusted to be the Editor in Chief this year. The process of making the magazine was also fun. But because I was very busy with another committees and organizations, the progress was paused in the middle so in the last week of deadline I was so confused and disorganized. Senior Algif even recruited new members for the editorial team. They were from our apprentices. So the total of the final editorial team members were increased from 11 to 16. Finally, after sacrifice some things, I finished the magazine on time just a day before recess. Actually I planned to publish it on November 22nd but because we finished it overnight so we published it on the next day. The next day I meant was today.

At 1 PM today we finally published Imazine 4 along with Impression 2 which you could watch above. Impression 2 was also my department’s program which was a video about all Himatif programs during a year. And if you asked about the first Impression, it was already published in Impression Cabinet Launching. Yeah I thought all of my depressions were over but no I was wrong. There was an error in the magazine so we had to fix it and reupload the magazine. I finished it on night because today the Executive Board had to have evaluation meeting with the Legislative Board.

Thank God I could finish my first responsibility to be a leader for the first time. I also want to thank all of the editorial team members including media and information departments staffs with pizzas later.


IFFD 2017: Back To The History

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IFFD or Informatics Fun Day was a celebration of Himatif’s birthday. Himatif’s birthday was on December 22nd but we celebrated it now because on December we were already having holidays in each other home LOL. This year theme was vintage and guess what I just wore a casual plaid shirt and jeans. I was lucky the theme wasn’t difficult so I didn’t have to borrow dress like last year’s IFFD.

This event was held on night so I had some time to finish my homework first. When I arrived at the venue, it was raining and I was a little bit cold.

In this event there were lots of performances, including singing performance and magic show from the lecturers. I had to admit I didn’t have a lot of interests in this year’s IFFD. It was so regular even my own generation performance. Just before my generation performed, I was asked to be a cameo while I didn’t understand what they performed in stage. Thanks a lot there were free foods I could taste while being bored with the performances.

I became interested when the mixed generations performed. The story was really simple but funny. Better than all performances before. After that there was also Vivicu aka funny videos show. Some of them were funny, some of them I didn’t understand the jokes. The last performance was from all of the Himatif leaders from the first cabinet until now. They brought a poem beautifully and powerful. That’s all I experienced in IFFD this year. I hoped next year would be better.


The Evaluation and Award for Executive Board of Himatif Part II

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This month would be the last month for Impressive Cabinet leading Himatif. Just about nine days again and we were going to recess. Today we were having another evaluation and award program again for the Executive Board. As I guessed it would be late again from the plan so I chose to spend my time talking with Senior Ojan before going there.

Same as the part I that you could check here, every departments told all the programs and its evaluations. Other departments could add more evaluations or maybe appreciations and suggestions. My own department didn’t have a lot of evaluations like the previous part but there was a big problem with us: we lost a precious staff here. Senior Cipto had been busy for a long time and he was almost doing nothing for this department. He also never went to any of Himatif programs. He was being active too far for university but not in his own department. My department also got a suggestion from others that we should change media and information department into bureau instead. Why we had to lower our pride just because we didn’t have a big programs like other departments??? I didn’t understand.

After the evaluations, we went to the next agenda. Yes, it was the awards time. There were awards for three categories: staffs, head of departments, and departments. For the staffs categories I was being one of the nominees of the drama queen girl but I didn’t win it. It was Afifah. The funniest moment was when Senior Ojan became the most caught red-handed (tercyduk) guy in Executive Board just because he was having lots of time with me. I had to appreciate the Organization Development Department for organizing this program. This part was better than before. All the winners got not only snacks as gifts but also a certificate and a pin. What a good idea. After the awards time finished that we took a photo together and went back home each other.


MIPA Bersatu 2017 Part II

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MIPA Bersatu Part II was the closing event for MIPA Bersatu which was already held first on August 24th. Check here for Part I.

I had to admit for this closing event I almost did nothing as a staff in publication and documentation division. I wasn’t as active as when I prepared for the Part I. I almost didn’t check the official account again to answer some funny questions again. When I checked it I saw that Senior Rana already answered them mostly so I didn’t know what help could I do to this event again.

On this day I also felt I was jobless. I came there and I just had to follow Fikri as the daily division manager of MIPA Bersatu Part II to borrow my phone to him. At that time his phone was broken but he really needed a phone to contact other daily division managers. That’s why I didn’t get any job on this day.

Today the freshmen of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty should went to all posts to have games. All staffs of publication and documentation division were already separated into groups so we only took photos and videos in the post we got. Because I had to borrow my phone to Fikri, I was in a group with him and stayed in a post with Cap Buricap game. It was a game that tested solidarity. The players in a group should moved in the same way as the other players’ last moves. The group with the consistent moves would win. LOL I was confused and couldn’t describe how to play this game so I was sorry if you didn’t understand.

After all groups of freshmen were already finished all games in posts, they were gathered again in sports arena of Jati to make a mozaic. I didn’t know what’s the name just called it mozaic. They had to make a rectangle shape and brought up the paper so when the paper was gathered on air it looked like a big picture.

Again, at that time I was bored because I did nothing but just waited them finished the mozaic. Finally after the mozaic time finished, the freshmen gathered to listen for the awards announcement. There were awards for the best group, the best vlog, and many more. Then they went back home each other. As the committees we couldn’t go back home early but we had to evaluate our jobs first. After evaluation, we were eating fried ball tofu (tahu bulat) and taking photos together. That’s how this committee ended.

Ah yes I forgot, this photo above was my last bonding time with all staffs in publication and documentation division without Senior Umar and Senior Abid (they couldn’t come because they were busy with their final hearing). We were having pizzas at Domino’s several days after MIPA Bersatu 2017 Part II was ended. Thanks to Senior Ega as the project officer of MIPA Bersatu 2017, Senior Abid as the head of sector who lead this division, Senior Rana as the head of this division, Fikri, Amalia, Okat, Pange, Senior Iman, and Senior Umar for the togetherness!!!


Comparative Study to Gadjah Mada University in Jogjakarta

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I was surely like a celebrity who had to go to lots of places in just a week. On November 2nd in the evening, Transformation Cabinet were going to Jogjakarta to have Comparative Study with Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty’s Student Executive Board in Gadjah Mada University. It was on the same day I went back to Jatinangor from Jakarta and now I had to go to other city. On the first day trip I had a headache and stomachache at the same time so I just wanted to sleep. But in fact I couldn’t really sleep well because the people on the bus were very noisy even when it was over midnight.

The next morning we were arrived in Jogjakarta, Gadjah Mada University for exactly. We had to take a bath in the mosque before we had the comparative study. At that time I didn’t directly go to take a bath but finished my homework first. Luckily I wasn’t the only one who didn’t directly go to take a bath. I went to the mosque with Senior Rana, Senior Esprei, and Senior Yuni.

After that, the girls were having girls time during Friday’s shalat time. We were separated into two groups. I was in a group with Senior Rana, Senior Esprei, Senior Yuni, Senior Dewi, and Senior Ulfa. We were going to a gelato shop named Move On Café. The decors of the café was very cute. I took a photo of one of the interiors here.

And this was the gelato looks that I bought. There were a lot of flavors here but I bought a cone of bubble gum and green tea flavor gelato.

Last, after we finished ate our gelatos, we took a photo of us in front of the café. This photo of me below was taken by Senior Yuni.

After that we were going back to Gadjah Mada University and having the comparative study time. I had to admit I wasn’t really interested with them because the people from Gadjah Mada University who joined the comparative study were only a few even fewer than us. Just info, not all of Transformation Cabinet were going. And as I heard their story, the people in one cabinet were more than 300 people so I was disappointed they weren’t many as they said.

Finally we took a photo together and went back to the bus. We were going to the hostel to put our luggage. I was lucky I became Senior Yuni’s bedroom partner because I was almost lonely here I didn’t have any friends from the same generation like me. I liked being with her because we were the only girls from Informatics Engineering department who were going to Jogjakarta.

After putting our luggage, we went back to the bus to go to Malioboro Street. Before that, me and Senior Yuni ate meatballs which was sold in front of the hostel and when she told about how delicious and cheap the meatballs were, it made some people envied with us. Well, it was their fault they spent a long time doing nothing in the hostel. I sat near Senior Yuni, Senior Tiar, Senior Rifka, Senior Midun, and Senior Yulian in the bus. We were having fun there. I was lucky that my sickness on the first day trip was already gone.

Finally when we arrived at Malioboro Street, the Transformation Cabinet people were separated and I joined with my seat team. We were walking on Malioboro Street and looking a lot of things there such as goodies shop, restaurants, and also street music band performance. There was a funny moment when we desperately walk past people who were watching the street music band performance with Senior Midun on the front line dancing randomly.

I was dumb I didn’t buy anything at Malioboro Street because I was busy looking around. I hoped next time when I went there again I could buy something for my family and myself. At that time I also regretted I brought my jacket on because even it was on night the weather was hot. I sweated a lot while walking on there.

About 10 PM we had to go back to the bus and went back to the hostel. We had to slept early because tomorrow would be the best day we never had.

The next day we packed all things and prepared to go to the next destination. We were going to Bakpia 25 Shop, the famous bakpia shop in Jogjakarta. Bakpia was a unique cake from Jogjakarta. I bought 4 boxes of bakpia, there were green tea flavor, coffee flavor, cheese flavor, and mixed flavor. I planned to share mine to some people in Jatinangor.

After that we were going to Pangandaran Beach. It took a long time to go there. We arrived when the sun almost went down. We were playing the sand and took some photos there. I also had my sexy photos on the beach and the photos of a drawing I made on the sand. The photos below were only some of them.

At first I was joined with the same team like in Malioboro Street last night but then I was tired and I didn’t want to walk too far again so I just spent my time drawing on the sand alone. My feet were already dirty because of wet sand and my hair was very dry because of the air. I swore I would shampoo my hair after reaching Jatinangor.

When the sun went down, we were going back to the bus to go to Jatinangor. We arrived on the next morning and then I walked by my feet to my temporary home. That’s all the things I did in Jogjakarta. Oh my God I can’t wait to tell my stories to everyone!


Impressive Cabinet Photo Session

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Sorry for this belated post! The photo session was on October 30th 2018 but I forgot to tell the story haha. Today the photos were already leaked. There were two sessions, the first one was combination of Himatif Executive Board (Impressive Cabinet) and Legislative Board (Insight Cabinet) and the second was Himatif Executive Board only. Please enjoy and ignore my face 🙂

The first session:

The second session:


Tech in Asia 2017

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It’s the first time for me going to Jakarta in the middle of semester! I even didn’t tell my family I went to Jakarta because I didn’t want they became worried. I went to Jakarta only because I wanted to go to Tech in Asia event, the biggest technology event in Asia. I went there with some seniors from my department because in my generation there were only Malik and Ibnu who were going. Malik was going with some other seniors from my department and Ibnu was going alone by himself because he was already in Jakarta since yesterday.

This event was held on November 1st and 2nd 2017 but we only went on the first day. On November 1st in the morning I went to Jakarta by using rent car. The trip was very long and even made me sleepy. There were also some funny stories inside the car but I didn’t want to tell here because it was privacy(?). When we arrived in the venue, we all were separated but I was following Senior Ojan. We were looking every stands inside without any left and hunting some goodies and business cards from the stands. The goodies we got weren’t as priceless as we thought. There were Google company which gave us tumblr bottle, Bitcoin company which gave us glass and t-shirt, and many more stands with lots of surprise. At Sumo365 stand, there was a lucky chance to win one of the goodies they served. He got another tumblr bottle and I just got a pin. At Furnizing stand, there was also a lucky chance to win a Minion doll powerbank but we didn’t get it. Not only goodies, we also hunted for free foods especially the 5 dollars yogurt. We only had to follow an Instagram account then we got it for free!

After wasting a long time in the venue, we were united again with the others from the rent car team and going back to home. Before that, we took a photo together. Please ignore my face 🙁

Finally we left Jakarta but our trip wasn’t over. We went to a satay restaurant and also searched for roasted corn. At that time I was a little worried because tomorrow I had to take a midterm test but since I was with Senior Ojan I believed there wouldn’t be any regret to go along with them. We arrived in Jatinangor on the next day just before the sun went up. I just slept for a while then prepared for the midterm test today.



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Did you remember NOMINASI? If not please check out the first and the second NOMINASI story before. Actually it should be 4 times but I didn’t join the third because I was busy with something that I didn’t remember.

Today’s NOMINASI was different from all NOMINASI that we ever held. If usually we only had forum about how media and information was going in every department, this time there was a workshop about how to make a good poster design. The speakers were coming from KGF (Kelompok Grafis Fikom) or we could say Communication Science Faculty’s Graphics Group. Even though I was the event organizer along with all Media Department staffs, I also listened to the materials that they brought. And wow, there were lots of theories about making good poster design I just knew today. So far I only made designed with only my feelings. When I saw it’s good, then it’s good. After KGF people finished the materials, Senior Rifka continued it with his tutorial about how to make a guideline for poster templates. Senior Rifka was one of Media Department staffs too like me. He was also my role model in Informatics Engineering Department because of his designing talents. I wished I could be like him so I could be a good next head of Media and Information Department.

Finally it was over and we all took photos together. Then I went back to my temporary home to prepare myself before going to State of The Art Fest from Law Faculty. I went there with Senior Ojan but when I arrived in the venue, I suddenly cancelled to go inside there because I didn’t want to go myself without Maria with me. So I sold my ticket to Abie and his friends and I went for a random trip in Bandung with Senior Ojan instead LOL. I was so sorry to him because I brought him for nothing there.


MIPA FEST 2017 and Inscape 2017

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Another committee was finished today. MIPA FEST 2017. The committee where I almost did nothing LOL. This event was held in two days, yesterday and today. Yesterday there was a national seminar and I only came in the beginning to handle absenteeism then I asked for permission to go to Senior Indra’s graduation ceremony in Bandung Institute of Technology. I was surely desperate to escape from my responsibility for meeting him. I heard that the national seminar wasn’t going well because the participants were only a few.

Today was the green day and also the closing of MIPA FEST too. In green day, all of the committee and some Jatinangor people walked relax together around Padjadjaran University. Actually it should be bicycling but because we didn’t have much money to prepare bicycles so it couldn’t be happened. After that we were gathered in Arboretum to held the closing event. There were doorprizes, performances, and science expo here. I never thought that the doorprizes would be this awesome. You know, there were rice cooker, clock, dispenser, and even TV! The best of it was Himatif people got almost all of the doorprizes even though we didn’t get the biggest one.

After the closing event finished, all of the committees were gathered for evaluation. At that time I got two ice cream which I ate one and another for Senior Ojan who was preparing for Inscape tonight. I wished he could work better after eating ice cream from me(?)

Then I went to my temporary home to do some of my jobs and prepared myself for Inscape. I went to the venue before the dark came. The decoration of the venue surely made me impressed. I liked the ticket box, the photobooth, and the stage. But I had to admit that the stands weren’t not really good. Some of technology stands were not attractive and some of food stands were dirty. I preferred enjoying the music stage instead of looking for the stands.

Ah yes, Inscape invited Amigdala, Senar Senja, Fourtwnty and also many awesome guest stars. I heard that the sold tickets were more than last year’s. I could see it here where everyone was very enthusiastic with the three top guest stars. They were singing along the artists while I enjoyed the music. I didn’t really like the crowd because some of them were smoking WTF but I loved how crowded this venue till the concert ended. Finally I went back to my temporary home and slept in peace.


IndonesiaNEXT 2017

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IndonesiaNEXT was another boring seminar that I went just for killing my free time. But this time I was taking courage because the free time I had should be my time to study for Numerical Method midterm test. Luckily, there was a leak of the test from class B which was doing the test at that time so I still could study in the seminar by answering the test. Psstt… Please keep this secret 🙁

In the seminar there were lots of my acquaintances I knew from my department and some other departments. That was because this seminar was recommended by Padjadjaran University itself. The seminar was soooo long and it almost took the Friday’s shalat time. Thanks to the seminar I got lunch to eat. I thought I could go back to my temporary home for preparing the midterm test but I was afraid it could take a long time so I just directly went to the classroom where the test would be taken. The test was going easily for me.

After that I was having quality time with Senior Ojan. I meant quality time which was ended with quarrels. Then I went to Growing Faith Team meeting but we just talked randomly not about the materials. Finally I went to my temporary home and finished my problems with Senior Ojan. I was so sorry with him, I shouldn’t get mad on him and instead I had to support him for Inscape in the next two days.

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