Technopreneur 2017

Ah again, just the same like Instagram committee, I registered myself on the last day of the open recruitment. But for this committee, I chose to be serious by taking publication and documentation division because I saw potential with the division, completed with Iyon and Senior Algifari. The other best part was Rey and Abie which were also in the same division with me. Such a division goal right?

At the first time honestly I didn’t enjoy the division because there was only me as a female and the others were males. The group chat was so silent and even I left and joined twice because I wanted to break the silence. LOL I was so overacting. Luckily, after Senior Ceri joined in the group chat, this division started to give good progress. Yeah I thought it’s enough telling about my own division LOL. I didn’t want to tell our problems while making publications. It’s okay I knew everyone could make mistakes. And finally the day was coming today.

Err… No. I still wanted to tell some flashbacks. Did you remember about the “door to door” strategy I told here? It was also the part of Technopreneur committee’s misery. I’m kidding. There was the worse strategy more than “door to door”. Reselling Snickers bars. Ha. Thanks a lot I could spend a lot for and taste chocolates in Jatinangor.

I also wanted to tell this flashback. One day, there was a meeting for primary committees. Rey, as the head of publication and documentation division, asked me to replace him in the meeting because he was in Jakarta at that time. At first I refused him but finally I still went there. I mostly didn’t pay attention to the meeting because I was busy with my phone. I even talked to Senior Ojan a lot because at that moment Senior Algifari was performing solo vocal for OSEAN so we both teased him to give supports(?)

Well that’s all for the flashbacks. Now it’s when the day was coming. For your information the venue of Technopreneur event was in Dipati Ukur, City of Bandung. This year Technopreneur presented four awesome speakers. There were Edward Widjonarko (Co-Founder of CICIL), Adhitya Dwitama (Application Development Manager of OLX Indonesia), Oscar Darmawan (CEO of Bitcoin Indonesia), and Rachmad Imron (CEO of Digital Happiness, the creator of DreadOut). To reach the venue, I joined in Abie’s car with Afifah, Vega, Rey, and Iyon. I hate to remember that we were all late because we were waiting for Rey taking a bath. Luckily the punishment didn’t really hard.

For today my job was editing and printing certificates for participants so I fully worked in the committee’s room which was located in the backstage. I took a pity to myself because I couldn’t listen any words from the speakers. My job also wasn’t that easy. Maybe the editing yes, but the printing was a big NO. I tried the printer too much so the certificates were printed in the exact middle center position on the paper. Then, when finally I found the best position for it, the printer ink ran out. Huh WTF did I do here? In the end, the certificates were printed by logistics division in the public fotocopy and printing place. After waiting logistics division to bring the certificates, I sorted them from A to Z so when the event was finished, the participants could take their certificates easily.

My job was finished coincide with the end of the event. Then I took a lot of photos with committees on the photobooth stand. I also helped other committees to clean the venue before we left it. Finally it’s all over. All committees were gathered. We were giving appreciations to everyone and of course the evaluations. I thought this event was a big success even all the problems were just a little distraction for us. All of the evaluations today were for the better next year’s. Oh wow, I couldn’t believe myself being one of the committees of this awesome public event. I even didn’t being mad with all the problems I had. I really thanked a lot because my choice to be one of this committees wasn’t wrong. Now I felt braver to try other public events like this.

Enough for today. Finally we went back home each other. But there was something different between how I got there and how I got back. At that moment Dzakia asked me if I wanted to exchange with her so it meant she got back using Abie’s car and I got back using Senior Ojan’s motorcycle which was Dzakia’s way to got there. I didn’t refuse her offer because I thought it would be fun to ride motorcycle on night. And I was super duper right! Along the way we got back to Jatinangor, I talked a lot with Senior Ojan so I didn’t get bored. Because of this I could know more about him even the info that he would be my neighbor in the next semester! I meant, our temporary home would be close. Woohoo, I’ve never been so happy like this.


Haiti: Making LINE Chatbot

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Haiti is one of the programs by Research and Development Department. It’s a special workshop for IT soft skills and it’s only dedicated to all Himatif big family. I joined this program because I found it exciting. As you can see on the title, we would make a LINE chatbot in this workshop! And the fact was it’s not only me who found it exciting. The room for the workshop was very full of people even some of my seniors didn’t get any more seats.

Okay so let’s talk about the workshop. The presenter was Tony Haryanto, the Co-Founder and CIO of Codepolitan.org. At first I could follow the instructions and finally finished my chatbot. But unfortunately, because the presenter forgot to insert some files in the toolkit so I failed. In the other side, if I used Google Chrome browser then edit the files using Postman maybe I could finish my chatbot. Ahh it’s okay, I wasn’t disappointed at all because I had already learned something new today even though I couldn’t finish it. Thanks Research and Development Department!


The Evaluation and Award for Executive Board of Himatif

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It’s been about three months that we, Impressive Cabinet, had already led Himatif this year. And that’s why we needed an evaluation so we could make Himatif better.

Actually today there was also a program by Cabinet Resources Bureau from Transformation Cabinet. The name was Mentoring if I wasn’t wrong and the program was about a meeting between Transformation Cabinet and Exciting Cabinet (WTF? I don’t know the right word for “seru” in English). The Exciting Cabinet was a cabinet of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty’s Student Executive Board in 2016 so that meant they were before Transformation Cabinet. But I chose to join Himatif Executive Board Evaluation Program instead. I was so unlucky because actually I could attend both of the program. This evaluation program was late from the plan it should be (ngaret). And in the other side, the mentoring program was started on time and finished when the evaluation program was going to start. Yeah, at least I could sleep a lot in the checkpoint room while waiting for the evaluation program started.

The agenda was so simple. All departments, one by one, told their completed programs and the evaluations. Other departments could add some evaluations too. How about my department? Umm actually we didn’t have any problems with our programs but we really need more bonding between us. Our department group chat didn’t have much conversations and the chats were usually boring. Also as the people who shared information we should be fast to respond so they wouldn’t be any miscommunication or belated posts.

After the evaluation, we were also celebrating Senior Hilmi, the vice president of Impressive Cabinet, who had a birthday several days ago. And then we came to the next agenda: the Executive Board Awards. There were a lot of award categories which I didn’t really remember. And guess what? Hell ya, how in the earth I could win the most talkative person in the cabinet???!!! Okay at least my department was happy we got a bucket of snacks as the gift.

That’s all for today! Whoa, I didn’t expect this program would be ended in midnight. Oh yes, I forgot to tell that this was one of the program by Organization Development Department. Thanks a lot for today and I wished for the best for my cabinet especially my own department teehee.


This Weekend’s Food Reviews

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This weekend maybe the best weekend for my stomach because I tried three new places to eat. Let’s start from the first one 😀

Yesterday I ate rice with chicken cordon bleu from Mega Canteen which was located in Sayang. I asked to deliver it to my place not ate in the place. The first time I knew this place was because my father took me to that place when he came to my temporary home several days ago. At that time I saw the menu and remembered that I had the photo of it. Wow, I never thought this place had been so famous since I always went to campus with this way and always saw this place was closed. That’s why I tried to deliver something hard to make to test if this place was recommended or not. And yes! I really would like to recommend this place so bad! Even my friend Mila was also being crazy ordering from this place.

Next one is Bakso Boedjangan which was located far away from my temporary home. I went there because Mila wanted to eat meatballs. So that night we went to the place and I ordered cheesy meatballs which I forgot its name. The meatballs were so delicious but I didn’t like the portion so I wouldn’t recommend if you’re very hungry. By the way I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture of it.

The next day, which meant today, Mila and I went to Mayasi, a ramen restaurant. I ordered cheesy ramen with beef and seaweed toppings. LOL I didn’t say this was bad but the appearance of the food made me laugh. I joked a lot with Mila about our orders and of course the price of them. Then we compared it to Bajuri, I didn’t remember if I ever talked about that in this blog but it was also a ramen restaurant with a big portion of ramen and of course the price was the best one. At least in Mayasi we could be full even though it wasn’t as big as the Bajuri’s portion.

That’s all for this weekend. Bonus! I wanted to tell too about some foods which I forgot to tell in the past.

Ta da! This one was called egg roll, but in Indonesia it was rolled by using satay’s skewers as you can see on the picture. I found this egg roll wagon when I just came back from the campus. I never saw it in my neighborhood so I decided to try it before I couldn’t see it again. And wow, these egg rolls were really big, not as like as the one I usually saw before. But I was really disappointed because I ordered the egg rolls with seasoning which made it salty 🙁

Then I would like to recommend Ciseke Food Court or CFC as my friends usually called. Don’t forget to try jumbo milo shake there! And also Spongebob themed drinks as the one I ordered which name was Blue Mermaid. Don’t ask for the price, this one was really worth it so don’t worry about it.



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Do you remember NOMINASI? If not, then you had to read this first. Today me and other Media Department from Transformation Cabinet executed this program again for the second time. We still have two times more to execute this year.

In this meeting, I didn’t come late and could join from the start. The agenda was sharing problems and business then last one was awarding for the best media department. When it came to share everyone’s problems and business, Senior Cipto as the representative of Himatif told a lot about Senior Algifari. As one of Himatif’s representative too I also told about him. OMG we shouldn’t talk bad things about our head of department. But in this moment we really needed the head of department’s affect. Some of our programs were uncontrollable because he rarely followed them up. Luckily, Senior Tiar and other media department representatives gave a lot of good advice about our problem. At least, the silence of the meeting could be filled by discussing about our problem LOL.

Then it came to awarding agenda. The best media department from our first meeting until today was Kappatheta. The representative from Kappatheta at that time couldn’t attend so Senior Yuli accepted the award. Actually she was from faculty’s media department but she was also from Kappatheta even though not its media department. The award was so simple but beautiful, it’s a bunch of paper flowers made by Senior Wiwi and a bar of chocolate. That was for the end of our meeting today. Actually I had a Himatif Database Apps project meeting which place was in Senior Cipto’s temporary home but that annoying dude left me because I still had to gather with Senior Tiar and other faculty’s media department staffs to evaluate this meeting. Luckily Senior Tiar wanted to take me to that place.


Misiologi’s Easter Retreat

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I was so thankful I joined this retreat instead of joining comparative study to Bina Nusantara University with Impressive Cabinet or comparative study from Indonesia Islamic University with Transformation Cabinet. Finally I could choose God first from all of my organizations’ activities.

This retreat trip was for celebrating this year’s Easter party with Misiologi people and it was held for two days, yesterday and today. At first, I joined this because I was asked directly by Senior Silvia, the president of Misiologi itself and she had already asked since a long time ago so I couldn’t reject her. About two days before the event started, I was invited into retreat participants group chat. I saw there were some friends I knew who also joined like Firman, Mora, and Viona. That’s why I surely wanted to join this retreat because I knew I wouldn’t be alone like last retreat I had ever joined from my church in Jakarta.

And the day was coming. I went to the meeting point by public transportation and luckily met Firman inside. I talked a lot with him until we reached the meeting point. Then after waiting some participants arrived at the meeting point, we finally departed together with some public transportation which were already rented for retreat purpose. I slept a lot in the public transportation even until we arrived at the villa. I had to admit that the villa was hard to reach.

Okay, let’s talk about what we did during retreat. We sang, we listened to the sermon, and the best part of yesterday was watching movie! The movie title was “The Encounter”, I highly recommended this movie even though at first I didn’t understand the movie. After that we slept in bedrooms which were shared with other participants.

Oh yes, I had another best moment last night. I couldn’t believe that Senior Ruth was Mister Marbun’s daughter! Just info Mister Marbun was the former principal of 81 Senior High School where I studied. He was fired just because some people didn’t like Christian man like him being principal. Whoa, I heard a very different issue that he was involved in corruption. At that night, Mora and I listened a lot about Senior Ruth’s father alias our beloved former principal. Life in 81 Senior High School was better in his hand rather than after he was fired. By the way, Mora was actually my senior who also studied in 81 Senior High School but he was just accepted in Physics Major on the same year like me. Another info, Mister Marbun was fired last year which meant the year when I graduated. I was really disappointed with my senior high school because of the new principal but I didn’t want to tell a lot why here. (Psst… I had told about my misery in senior high school in my other blog just in case you’re curious)

The next day alias today, we had an egg searching game. I didn’t get any egg haha. We also had an outdoor game for teams. I was in yellow team and again I didn’t win at all LOL. After that we took a lot of photos in some nice places near the villa. The photo above was my favorite photo in the forest near the villa.

Finally we prepared to go back home. But unfortunately it was raining so we were all wet before getting inside the public transportation that we used before. Yeah, that’s it for the retreat activities! Thank God we all safely arrived in Jatinangor and went back to each others’ home.


Steak Day

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Just because I had just taken money from my account so I wanted to enjoy for a while with my new fresh money. Although today there wasn’t nothing to tell, but as the title of this post I went for eating steak for real!

Actually I hated when I could go home faster and didn’t have anything to do in campus. Because I couldn’t find any idea for my dinner tonight! My friend Mila had some business in campus so I had to wait for her. When she arrived at temporary home, she had an idea to go to Waroeng Steak Jatinangor. Whoa, I couldn’t imagine I would have steak for my dinner.

I ordered this food which I forgot its name. As you can see, it’s beef steak with potato wedges and spaghetti on it. For the drink I only ordered plain tea. Of course because it’s steak, it’s soooooo delicious. But again, I didn’t recommend it because its price was too high LOL if I didn’t take money today I couldn’t eat a thing again for the next days. Besides that, I wasn’t satisfied with this dinner. My stomach still wanted more foods. Luckily there was tek-tek seller (I don’t know what to call) which was passing my temporary home. So Mila and I ordered for fried noodles to complete our dinner.

Tonight, as I said above, I didn’t have anything to do so I watched one of my movie collections in my laptop: May Who. A movie from Thailand which told about a girl who had an electricity power. Just watch, you will love it!


Himatif Graduation Day

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Every year, Padjadjaran University celebrates a graduation ceremony three times. And today is the second time for this year. The first one was in February if I’m not wrong.

Himatif has a program for congratulating graduated seniors from Internal Relation Department, the name is Himatif Graduation Day. All of Himatif big family can attend the graduation ceremony in Himatif stand where we show our congratulations with balloons, flowers, and singing Hymn of Himatif. Actually as one of Cabinet’s people I should go there too but I wasn’t interested.

The graduation ceremony was at 4 PM so all classes from 1 PM were cancelled. I thought to go home but Last Cake called to gather at 2 PM. By the way Last Cake is a project team consisted Senior Asep, Senior Ical, and Shofi which I will explain more next time. While waiting for Last Cake, I was slept in the library. Unconsciously, it’s already 2 PM! Suddenly Senior Asep and Senior Ical cancelled our meeting. And then when I wanted to go home, I saw a lot of yellow-jacketed people gathered to go together to the graduation ceremony. I was forced by Shofi to join them even though I didn’t bring my yellow jacket 🙁 So, that’s how I ended up attending today’s graduation ceremony.

There were some of us who ride motorcycle and others who used bus. I was in the bus team with Shofi, Hilya, Bening, Fira, Hasna, Iyon, Malik, Kevin, Raihan, and Ihza. (Sorry if I forgot someone to mention :p) At first I didn’t enjoy the ride because we didn’t get any more seats in the bus so we had to stand up along the ride. But in the middle of our ride, I felt so crazy with them. We were too loud when we were joking and embarrassing people but we didn’t care as long as nobody was angry right?

Luckily we arrived on time. The graduation ceremony had just started. As I had already mentioned above, we sang Hymn of Himatif and gave the graduated seniors with balloons and flowers. After that we took a lot of photos then prepared to go home. I had already expected that it would be harder go back to Jatinangor because the bus we used before didn’t available for nights. So we decided to use travel service. I meant me and my friends Fira, Ihza, Iyon, Raihan, Yosua, and Kevin. Those who got here with bus and didn’t mention had already gotten their way to go home. The travel service had its own departure time so while waiting for it, we searched for dinner around there. We ordered pecel lele, but I hated when I knew the price was very expensive for a portion of pecel lele. Aaaah that’s how Bandung people lived, I was lucky I lived in Jatinangor.

Although we had already finished eating our dinner, we still had to wait about an hour again for the travel service so Ihza requested to get back to Jatinangor using public transportation. We didn’t reject it as we also were already bored to wait. We had to use three public transportation to get Jatinangor. Each public transportation we used, we had to pay four thousands rupiahs. I took a pity to us especially Ihza, who had to pay a lot even though it’s a public transportation.

Finally when we reached Jatinangor, I followed Kevin to his temporary home and so I didn’t have to walk alone to Sayang because I had Kevin who took me to my temporary home. Ugh thanks a lot for making my purse empty, dear graduation ceremony :”( By the way because today, I just remembered someone who is my half piece of heart so I wished ██████████ all the best for his last project (skripsi)! Hope he can get graduated too soon 😀

PS: Please unread my last two sentences above✌


Comparative Study from Brawijaya University

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Today is a special day for Transformation Cabinet because our friends from Brawijaya University came to do comparative study with us. Why did I mention friends? Because they were from the same faculty with us, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty. Just the difference was they didn’t have Informatics Engineering and Electro Engineering like us :p

The venue was in Statistics Department hall and I went there together with Mila. When we reached the venue, the event hadn’t started yet so after leaving our bags in the hall we got out to search for breakfast. Unfortunately, we couldn’t eat our breakfast because Brawijaya University’s people had already came.

The event started by singing Indonesia Raya then each of us introduced ourselves. As usual Senior Lukman and Senior Yulian as the president and the vice president of our students executive board introduced about us by using my edited video from the grand launching. LOL I always wanted to laugh every time I watched that. Then it’s Brawijaya University’s turn to introduce. They were using powerpoint presentation. At that time I saw a lot of differences between us and them, especially they only had a few departments but each departments had a lot of staffs. Just info, we have departments separated by each sector so although we have a lot of departments they are still controllable by the head of the sector.

After that we had a FGD (focus group discussion) which was grouped by each sector/departments. Me and other departments from Information and Relation sector were grouped with Media and Information Department from Brawijaya. We talked a lot about programs and shared how we worked on students executive board. Then we took a photo together and came back to the hall. In the hall we ate our lunch and went back home. But I couldn’t go back with Mila because it was raining at that time. So we waited for the rain and using free WiFi there.

When the rain stopped Mila and I didn’t directly go home but searching for some snacks so we could eat them during we did our homework. We bought pinch cake (kue cubit), seblak, and bubble tea. That’s all for today.

PS: Next week, we will get another new friends coming from Indonesia Islamic University but I can’t join because… You will find it later :p


Scholarship Seminar & Prepare For Future

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Although today is Saturday but I had to wake up early. No, not because Instagram again. But I want to develop myself (self-imaging only aka pencitraan :p) so I can have a lot of certificates for showing my pride LOL.

Today there were two events that I joined. The first one was Scholarship Seminar which was launched by Geology Engineering Students Executive Board. I knew this info from someone in Transformation Cabinet. Several days ago, she promoted it in the cabinet’s group chat. I saw it’s interesting because it’s free and included e-certificate. I re-promoted it to my generation group chat and luckily there were a lot of interested friends who wanted to join it.

The second one was Prepare For Future which was one of the programs by Professions Department. Honestly I didn’t intend to come to this event. I just joined at the first then left even before the event started.

Okay okay let’s start from when I woke up. Damn, today was so hot and it made me lazier to walk. But luckily I had Hilya who also hadn’t prepared. So we met in front of Padjadjaran University and walked together to the venue. This was the most tiring morning ever since I was in Jatinangor, even more than Instagram. Believe me or not I walked from my temporary home to Bale Santika only with my feet! On Saturday there weren’t any public transportation inside Padjadjaran University. And when I wanted to go to the campus, there was traffic jam on the road along my living place so I had to walk instead waiting for public transportation or ojek.

After arrived in front of the venue, we decided to check PFF first. At that moment, the event hadn’t started so we chose to go to the scholarship seminar instead waiting for PFF. Luckily even though we were already late for 3 hours, we still could go inside to join the seminar. But we chose wrong seats because the air conditioner didn’t reach our seats so we couldn’t focus anymore to the talks.

Finally when the seminar was over, we came back to PFF event. By the way PFF had two event activities which are talk show and interview simulation. The talk show was about world of work and it’s opened for every generation in Informatics Engineering of Padjadjaran University, but the interview simulation was only for Assembly (2014 generation). When we came back to PFF, the talk show was over and some of Technopreneur committees sold McDonald’s fried chicken for getting money. Umm I also was one of Technopreneur committees so I had a sense to help the sales by buying one portion of McDonald’s. After eating my McDonald’s, I went home with Hilya and Bening. By the way, today Bening had an event with her community unit (UKM) in the same venue with PFF that’s how we met up 😀

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