Huilen om jou

Posted by realicejoanne on August 14, 2017 in Curhat, Kepanitiaan, Kost Survival, Organisasi/Kepanitiaan |

Vandaag zou mijn werkloze dag moeten zijn, maar ik heb gekozen voor MIPA Bersatu Socialization om het hoofd van publicatie en documentatie divisie Senior Rana te vertegenwoordigen. Ah trouwens, ik ben bij dit commissie aangesproken, alleen omdat ik gewoon weg van medic afdeling wil weglopen. Sommige medische mensen in afdelingen student oriëntaties (mabim jurusan) moeten […]


CBS Socialization Part 1

Posted by realicejoanne on June 10, 2017 in Himatif, Kepanitiaan, Organisasi/Kepanitiaan, Teknik Informatika Unpad |

It’s been a long time since I never asked Ibnu to pick me up to campus again. But today I went to campus with him because there would be CBS Socialization Part 1! CBS is derived from Character Building Season, a student orientation program in Himatif for new students. Ah yes, I haven’t told about […]


Technopreneur 2017

Ah again, just the same like Instagram committee, I registered myself on the last day of the open recruitment. But for this committee, I chose to be serious by taking publication and documentation division because I saw potential with the division, completed with Iyon and Senior Algifari. The other best part was Rey and Abie […]


Such an Exhausting Day

Door to door. Is that a game? No. It’s a nightmare. Today all of Technopreneur committees woke up very early because we would head to Bandung. It’s not for traveling but it’s for selling foods! We met in the same meeting point and went to the venue together. If I wasn’t wrong, we would head […]


Nuit de l’Art Amaryllis

Posted by realicejoanne on April 4, 2017 in Himatif, Kepanitiaan, Organisasi/Kepanitiaan, Teknik Informatika Unpad |

Finally today is coming. Guess what? The closing of Instagram event! Ahhh I really waited for this moment. I was tired for being a morning person every weekends and how I was always scared because hearing shouts for medics. I swore I never wanted to do like this again. Okay, let’s talk about the closing […]


Instagram 2017

Posted by realicejoanne on March 2, 2017 in Himatif, Kepanitiaan, Organisasi/Kepanitiaan, Teknik Informatika Unpad |

Today is the first day of Instagram, which stands for Informatics Sports, Arts, and Games Tournament. It’s one of Talent and Interest Department programs and have already held twice. Simply, it’s an event of sports, arts, and games tournament for Himatif big family. As the committee I have to wake up early in the morning […]


Last Year Council of Padjadjaran’s Student Council 2016

Posted by realicejoanne on December 18, 2016 in Kepanitiaan, Organisasi/Kepanitiaan |

Last Year Council is a similar event like Great Deliberation of Himatif recently, but this event is held to evaluate the student council of a university, in this case Padjadjaran University. Damn you’re right, similar event and again, got a lot of problems. As usual, there was an open recruitment before the event committee was […]


Great Deliberation III of Himatif

Posted by realicejoanne on December 4, 2016 in Himatif, Kepanitiaan, Organisasi/Kepanitiaan, Teknik Informatika Unpad |

In this event committee I learned how we could define people by their contributions to the committee even I could hate people who previously I liked. Great Deliberation event in Himatif is an event to evaluate the cabinet which is chosen to rule the student association in a year. And the committee must be freshmen […]



Posted by realicejoanne on October 28, 2016 in Kepanitiaan, Organisasi/Kepanitiaan |

This event was also an event to community service like C-TOS before, but this was coming from Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty freshmen. WACANA stands for “Mewarnai dan Membaca di Jatinangor”(?) I didn’t really remember the exact name. As the name of the event, this event was a coloring competition for primary schools’ students in […]


C-TOS 2016

Posted by realicejoanne on October 1, 2016 in Himatif, Kepanitiaan, Organisasi/Kepanitiaan, Teknik Informatika Unpad |

C-TOS or Cyber (Informatics) Goes to School is my first committee (kepanitiaan) in my college life. This event was held as a community service (pengabdian masyarakat) from my generation Cyber 2016 in Informatics Engineering. That’s why this event is about teaching IT to future generations especially Word, Excel, and Power Point. I’ve got myself in […]

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