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Retreat with Christian of Informatics

MIPA Mandiri 2017


MIPA Bersatu 2017 Part II

MIPA FEST 2017 and Inscape 2017

Weeks of CBS 2017

Misiologi Mengucap Syukur 2017

This morning I had to wake up early for another committee to complete. Today will be the day of Misiologi Mengucap Syukur 2017. This event was for welcoming…

CBS Day 1

As I said yesterday, today is the second day of MIPA Bersatu Part I. I chose to arrive late because I didn’t want to be alone again like…

MIPA Bersatu 2017

I can say MIPA Bersatu 2017 was my very first committee in this semester. This event was held for introducing freshmen in Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty in…

Crying Over You

Today should be my jobless day but I chose to go to MIPA Bersatu Socialization to represent the head of publication and documentation division, Senior Rana. Ah by…