Huilen om jou

Posted by realicejoanne on August 14, 2017 in Curhat, Kepanitiaan, Kost Survival, Organisasi/Kepanitiaan |

Vandaag zou mijn werkloze dag moeten zijn, maar ik heb gekozen voor MIPA Bersatu Socialization om het hoofd van publicatie en documentatie divisie Senior Rana te vertegenwoordigen. Ah trouwens, ik ben bij dit commissie aangesproken, alleen omdat ik gewoon weg van medic afdeling wil weglopen. Sommige medische mensen in afdelingen student oriëntaties (mabim jurusan) moeten […]


Ik wil niet terugkomen :(

Posted by realicejoanne on August 9, 2017 in Curhat, Kost Survival |

Eindelijk kwam ik terug naar Jatinangor. Vóór vandaag worstelde ik veel met mijn vader omdat hij niet wilde dat ik snel terug kwam. Ja ik ook. Maar er zullen hier banen zijn, dus ik wilde ze niet missen. Gisteren heb ik al mijn dingen verpakt. Toen heb ik sneller dan normaal geslapen. LOL Ik moest […]


First Time Going to Church?

Posted by realicejoanne on May 28, 2017 in Curhat, Kost Survival |

I meant in Jatinangor. I’m not that crazy that I never go to church in my life. I’m a Christian and I know it. I have already hated myself you know, I was always being busy for these two semesters and forgot to meet my God in His home. Luckily, this moment is finally coming. […]


This Weekend’s Food Reviews

Posted by realicejoanne on May 14, 2017 in Kost Survival, Perbaikan Gizi |

This weekend maybe the best weekend for my stomach because I tried three new places to eat. Let’s start from the first one 😀 Yesterday I ate rice with chicken cordon bleu from Mega Canteen which was located in Sayang. I asked to deliver it to my place not ate in the place. The first […]


Misiologi’s Easter Retreat

Posted by realicejoanne on May 7, 2017 in Curhat, Kost Survival |

I was so thankful I joined this retreat instead of joining comparative study to Bina Nusantara University with Impressive Cabinet or comparative study from Indonesia Islamic University with Transformation Cabinet. Finally I could choose God first from all of my organizations’ activities. This retreat trip was for celebrating this year’s Easter party with Misiologi people […]


Steak Day

Posted by realicejoanne on May 5, 2017 in Kost Survival, Perbaikan Gizi |

Just because I had just taken money from my account so I wanted to enjoy for a while with my new fresh money. Although today there wasn’t nothing to tell, but as the title of this post I went for eating steak for real! Actually I hated when I could go home faster and didn’t […]


Such an Exhausting Day

Door to door. Is that a game? No. It’s a nightmare. Today all of Technopreneur committees woke up very early because we would head to Bandung. It’s not for traveling but it’s for selling foods! We met in the same meeting point and went to the venue together. If I wasn’t wrong, we would head […]



Posted by realicejoanne on April 3, 2017 in Curhat, Kost Survival |

Did I ever tell how much I love my temporary home? I LOVE ALL IN IT! Err… I mean during I lived here. Yeah I know some stories to beware for theft or fraud by its own residents. Or how sometimes the wifi hotspot couldn’t be connected at all. But I believe there won’t be […]


Cereal for Rich Kost Dudes

Posted by realicejoanne on March 29, 2017 in Kost Survival, Perbaikan Gizi |

Sorry guys if you’re poor don’t read this food review! Haha I’m kidding. After having troubles with spaghetti I thought I would never try rich food again. But this one is different. Cereal isn’t something difficult to make right? Besides that I have a lot of milk powder sachets in my room that I rarely […]


Martabak Dilemma

Posted by realicejoanne on March 27, 2017 in Kost Survival, Perbaikan Gizi |

Hey. I couldn’t type a lot today. My stomach hurts. Maybe my period will come again in no time. Thank God today is Monday so I can sleep a lot. I only have one class and usually the lecturer doesn’t come because he is so busy. That means Monday can be my holiday until this […]

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