Trying to be Practical Study Assistants

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Umm this one will be disappointing guys. Because as the title, I only tried. I didn’t succeed. It’s okay, I still will tell it.

One day, there was an open recruitment for new practical study assistants. It was opened for 2015 and 2016 generations. I was so excited, so do my friends. I couldn’t mention one by one, but mostly they were from my gang. The requirements were quite a lot but luckily I was already in Jatinangor because of some problem that I told before. The first requirement was CV. Actually I never had any CV before so this time it was my first time making CV. While making the CV I realized that I didn’t have any good experiences to be proud. I meant in academic section. It didn’t important that I had a high GPA score if I didn’t have any project experiences. Although there were some project I did that you could see on my “Histories” section, still I didn’t think I had already done something meaningful. Well, I tried to comfort myself, it’s okay I still had a long time to live.

There were also last semester’s score transcript and cover letter as the requirements but I thought they weren’t difficult. The last requirement was the most difficult one: it was introduction video. I wasn’t a kind of person that was easy to talk in front of the camera. I was more introvert than a fun person. Thanks to Senior Ojan who helped me directed the video. It took a long time to take the video, even I had cried before did that. Well forget that, it was just another story. In the end, it was my job to edit it. Damn, the minimum length of the video was only three minutes but my taken videos couldn’t reach it? Finally I just made the effects and animations longer. LOL whatever.

After that I sent all of the requirements and waited until the day of the interview session. Before that, I was invited into a multichat which included all applicants of practical study assistants. In this multichat I could see everyone who were my competitors. I actually believed that I could make it since the applicants were not as many as I thought. Beside that, there were only three applicants who chose to teach Database System study. The two of three were me and Shofiyyah. We already promised that if we were chosen, we would work together as partners.

The day of the interview session was come. At first, we should show our teaching skills in front of the senior practical study assistants based on the study we chose. We would be called one by one. I taught Database System since it was my chosen study. In the end of it, I was praised because my teaching skills were so good and no mistakes at all. But it wasn’t finished. After everyone had already showed their teaching skills, there was also an interview session. This one was the main session of all. The senior practical study assistants asked some questions like which would I choose between this job, my organizations and committees job, and joining competitions? They also asked who would be my partner and who was the worst applicant.

Well I felt shit for the last question. Especially when I heard the new practical study assistants announcement. I couldn’t mention the name that I said the worst but he was chosen instead of me! At that time I was sure my answers and my skills weren’t so bad that made me failed. Not only that but also all of my gang friends who applied were also failed. Okay, okay, try to move on. I believed the chosen people were the best of all and I was still lack of experiences. I won’t say anything again bye.

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