Comparative Study to Gadjah Mada University in Jogjakarta

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I was surely like a celebrity who had to go to lots of places in just a week. On November 2nd in the evening, Transformation Cabinet were going to Jogjakarta to have Comparative Study with Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty’s Student Executive Board in Gadjah Mada University. It was on the same day I went back to Jatinangor from Jakarta and now I had to go to other city. On the first day trip I had a headache and stomachache at the same time so I just wanted to sleep. But in fact I couldn’t really sleep well because the people on the bus were very noisy even when it was over midnight.

The next morning we were arrived in Jogjakarta, Gadjah Mada University for exactly. We had to take a bath in the mosque before we had the comparative study. At that time I didn’t directly go to take a bath but finished my homework first. Luckily I wasn’t the only one who didn’t directly go to take a bath. I went to the mosque with Senior Rana, Senior Esprei, and Senior Yuni.

After that, the girls were having girls time during Friday’s shalat time. We were separated into two groups. I was in a group with Senior Rana, Senior Esprei, Senior Yuni, Senior Dewi, and Senior Ulfa. We were going to a gelato shop named Move On Café. The decors of the café was very cute. I took a photo of one of the interiors here.

And this was the gelato looks that I bought. There were a lot of flavors here but I bought a cone of bubble gum and green tea flavor gelato.

Last, after we finished ate our gelatos, we took a photo of us in front of the café. This photo of me below was taken by Senior Yuni.

After that we were going back to Gadjah Mada University and having the comparative study time. I had to admit I wasn’t really interested with them because the people from Gadjah Mada University who joined the comparative study were only a few even fewer than us. Just info, not all of Transformation Cabinet were going. And as I heard their story, the people in one cabinet were more than 300 people so I was disappointed they weren’t many as they said.

Finally we took a photo together and went back to the bus. We were going to the hostel to put our luggage. I was lucky I became Senior Yuni’s bedroom partner because I was almost lonely here I didn’t have any friends from the same generation like me. I liked being with her because we were the only girls from Informatics Engineering department who were going to Jogjakarta.

After putting our luggage, we went back to the bus to go to Malioboro Street. Before that, me and Senior Yuni ate meatballs which was sold in front of the hostel and when she told about how delicious and cheap the meatballs were, it made some people envied with us. Well, it was their fault they spent a long time doing nothing in the hostel. I sat near Senior Yuni, Senior Tiar, Senior Rifka, Senior Midun, and Senior Yulian in the bus. We were having fun there. I was lucky that my sickness on the first day trip was already gone.

Finally when we arrived at Malioboro Street, the Transformation Cabinet people were separated and I joined with my seat team. We were walking on Malioboro Street and looking a lot of things there such as goodies shop, restaurants, and also street music band performance. There was a funny moment when we desperately walk past people who were watching the street music band performance with Senior Midun on the front line dancing randomly.

I was dumb I didn’t buy anything at Malioboro Street because I was busy looking around. I hoped next time when I went there again I could buy something for my family and myself. At that time I also regretted I brought my jacket on because even it was on night the weather was hot. I sweated a lot while walking on there.

About 10 PM we had to go back to the bus and went back to the hostel. We had to slept early because tomorrow would be the best day we never had.

The next day we packed all things and prepared to go to the next destination. We were going to Bakpia 25 Shop, the famous bakpia shop in Jogjakarta. Bakpia was a unique cake from Jogjakarta. I bought 4 boxes of bakpia, there were green tea flavor, coffee flavor, cheese flavor, and mixed flavor. I planned to share mine to some people in Jatinangor.

After that we were going to Pangandaran Beach. It took a long time to go there. We arrived when the sun almost went down. We were playing the sand and took some photos there. I also had my sexy photos on the beach and the photos of a drawing I made on the sand. The photos below were only some of them.

At first I was joined with the same team like in Malioboro Street last night but then I was tired and I didn’t want to walk too far again so I just spent my time drawing on the sand alone. My feet were already dirty because of wet sand and my hair was very dry because of the air. I swore I would shampoo my hair after reaching Jatinangor.

When the sun went down, we were going back to the bus to go to Jatinangor. We arrived on the next morning and then I walked by my feet to my temporary home. That’s all the things I did in Jogjakarta. Oh my God I can’t wait to tell my stories to everyone!

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