First Time Going to Church?

Posted by realicejoanne on May 28, 2017 in Curhat, Kost Survival |

I meant in Jatinangor. I’m not that crazy that I never go to church in my life. I’m a Christian and I know it. I have already hated myself you know, I was always being busy for these two semesters and forgot to meet my God in His home. Luckily, this moment is finally coming.

Err… I had to admit that actually I wanted to try to go to the church because Senior Yoan persuaded me to accompany her to the church in Bandung. When I heard Bandung, I was so excited that I might meet my lost love there and that’s how I accepted her persuasion.

By the way, let me tell at first why I never went to church while in Jatinangor. I was very disappointed when I first came to Padjadjaran University because there was only one church in Jatinangor and it was too far from my temporary home. At that time I also didn’t have any friends to accompany me. Beside that, I had a lot of business with my campus from Himatif to Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty’s Student Executive Board. But again, I emphasize that I only never go to church while in Jatinangor. When I went back to my house in Jakarta last semester, I came to church as well.

Back to the topic. Today Senior Yoan and I chose to go to HKBP Riau in Bandung. I’m sorry I’m too lazy to translate HKBP in English, but it’s a church of Batak people. I knew I wasn’t Batak but I didn’t care. I just wanted to try something new. At that time I also just knew that there were free buses to get the church. Whoa, I wished I knew it from a long time ago.

When I arrived in front of the church, Senior Yoan took me to eat first because the devotion hadn’t started yet. She told me better to eat now than being hungry until we got back to Jatinangor. I ate fried rice and Senior Yoan just ate bread with red velvet jam. Actually I wasn’t shocked with the price since I experienced ate something in Bandung while Himatif Graduation Day. But this was really crazy you know, I could be more full in Jatinangor with this price. Thank God I lived in Jatinangor, not this scary Bandung.

After that we got inside the church and followed the devotion till the end. Senior Yoan told me better to take the short way to get the bus rather than the usual way to get away except we wanted to stand up in the bus. And that’s how I experienced the first time going to church while living in Jatinangor. Next week I want to try GII Dago and the next two week I want to go to Jatinangor’s only one church. GII Dago is also one of churches in Bandung which have free buses to get there from Jatinangor. Dear God I hope I will be diligently going to church every Sunday after this.

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