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Hey ya finally I have a proper time to write about all of my projects that I joined. These projects aren’t for academic purposes but only for developing myself. Let’s start from the first project.

One day, Eko asked us if there was anyone who wanted to join a web designing project with Senior Asep and Senior Ical. I thought there wasn’t, so I asked Eko if I still could join and he gave my contact to Senior Ical. The next day, Shofi called me to gather up for the first meeting with them. At that time, I just knew that Shofi also joined this project and I became more excited with this project.

At the first sprint we succeed the to-do tasks. By the way, sprint was a to-do task list and we should finish all in the list in a week. Then we met up again for the second time to discuss the second sprint. That’s how all problems started. Shofi and I couldn’t finish the second sprint because of our own business. Then because of it, we got a warning from the seniors to be more serious again with this project. Yeah, we promised them to get focus again. I wish in this holiday season I can do the belated to-do tasks in the second sprint. I don’t want make the seniors got disappointed again with me and Shofi.

The second project is HDA or Himatif Database Apps. It is an app contained with Himatif big family’s biodata. I joined this project with Ibnu, Islam, Bening, and Hilya. The app was already finished but it still should have to be developed more and that’s all our task as the trainees. Until now we had ever met up once with the tutors. I guess in the next semester we will meet often. OMG I hope I can divide my time for everything I will do next semester.

The third project is the most exciting project but also the hardest one. It is Mr. Erick Paulus’ project which is our lecturer in Data Structures subject. I don’t know what to call but this project is named Document Analysis. At first we helped to input survey answers from a company’s staffs into text files. Ah yes, the survey contained essays and multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions were scanned with a special scanner so we didn’t have to input like the essays. This project was paused before the final exams with all of the surveys were already inputted. It will be continued after we are coming back to Jatinangor for the new semester. On the top I said this is exciting because we will get paid of what we helped and the hardest one because I should install Matlab in my laptop. I heard this software was taking big memory and the use of this software was hard enough. I’m afraid my laptop can’t be strong when using this software. I hope everything goes well. Until now I haven’t downloaded it yet because it’s too big! I wanted to download it later with WiFi in my temporary home LOL.

The last project is 3D Game Project. The team name is really absurd, it’s Wahaha Project. I joined this project with Bening, Hilya, Fauzi, Senior Fazlur, and the leader Senior Dwiki. This project don’t have any progress even a meeting. The leader just only told us to try Unity Software first before we met up. And again, I haven’t downloaded it yet too because I’m waiting for WiFi in my temporary home haha.

That’s all my ongoing projects. I knew I shouldn’t take a lot of projects like this. Like Senior Asep said, a person can’t split his/her focus into many as maximal as he/she can. I think I will leave Mr. Erick’s project and Wahaha project and focus on Last Cake and HDA team. But it’s still a “will” so let’s see if I can take all of them or surrender some of them.

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