Today the Media Department of Transformation Cabinet completed another program. You may know only wall magazine, right? But actually it’s not always wall magazine. There are wall magazine, social media management, sign-go (aka design and billboard poster), website, and the last one is NOMINASI which is held today. NOMINASI was derived from “Nongkrong Media MIPA Transformasi” or in English it’s a forum with all media department in from Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty. This program will be held four times, and today is the first time.

Honestly I was late coming to this program so I didn’t really know the agenda. As I know, there were only asking media condition, telling the publication SOP, and sharing session about media programs. I was so passive in this moment and only eating the snack that served for everyone. After that, I went home.

My impression for this program is… I think this program is valuable but the people in the forum didn’t take it easy. The talks were so serious and there were still passive to tell their department experiences. Yeah, maybe Senior Tiar didn’t attract the people (sorry boss :p) or the agenda was boring. Or maybe we need bonding first before taking the serious agenda. I just hope for the better situation in the next forum.