Google I/O Extended 2017 Depok

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Trying to be more “informatics”

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Hello!!! I’m sorry I was too late to tell about this. I added new category for my upcoming posts, it’s Lomba/Proyek or in English it’s Competitions/Projects. But although the name is project doesn’t mean my end-term projects included. The competitions and projects I meant here are about developing myself, check my latest post about it here. The background is also not always about informatics as I typed for the title of this post, but can be non-academics such as sports, arts, etc. Duh, what am I explaining now. Yeah just it. LOL. Have a nice holiday guys!


CBS Socialization Part 1

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It’s been a long time since I never asked Ibnu to pick me up to campus again. But today I went to campus with him because there would be CBS Socialization Part 1! CBS is derived from Character Building Season, a student orientation program in Himatif for new students. Ah yes, I haven’t told about this before. Every year there will be two big programs by Himatif, there are CBS and IFest or Informatics Festival. The two youngest generations should take at least a job between them, but if there is someone want both, it’s still welcomed. And if there is someone don’t want both, it’s still okay too but he/she will be loss of new committee experience.

This year I chose to join CBS committee. Actually I even didn’t want both but as I said above, I would be loss of new committee experience. That’s why I thought one was more than enough. I was so sorry to Senior Ojan that I rejected his offer to join IFest committee. I just didn’t want to make myself dying. I had already joined six committees including CBS for the sake of God! And if I count my four projects too then I will have 10 duties to complete. I hope everything goes well. Please God help me 🙁

Back to the topic, all CBS committees had to gather today because we would present a socialization for Himatif big family. That’s why I went to campus today with Ibnu because he was also CBS committee, the academic division to be exact. And I was one of medic division in CBS. Actually I didn’t get this division as I wanted. I wanted to be serious by choosing publication and documentation division or event division when registered myself for this committee but Senior Arie, the head of medic division needed girls the most so I surrendered myself to be medic division. In fact, there wasn’t any female registrant in medic division so Senior Arie requested Hilya and me to be in medic division.

So today I could say our socialization was a big success after practicing in three meetings before. But this wasn’t over yet, there would be the second part of CBS socialization. Actually after CBS socialization, there was Himatif Iftar (buka bersama) but I didn’t join because I wanted to meet up with Shofi so when it was over I directly went to our meeting place.


First Time Going to Church?

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I meant in Jatinangor. I’m not that crazy that I never go to church in my life. I’m a Christian and I know it. I have already hated myself you know, I was always being busy for these two semesters and forgot to meet my God in His home. Luckily, this moment is finally coming.

Err… I had to admit that actually I wanted to try to go to the church because Senior Yoan persuaded me to accompany her to the church in Bandung. When I heard Bandung, I was so excited that I might meet my lost love there and that’s how I accepted her persuasion.

By the way, let me tell at first why I never went to church while in Jatinangor. I was very disappointed when I first came to Padjadjaran University because there was only one church in Jatinangor and it was too far from my temporary home. At that time I also didn’t have any friends to accompany me. Beside that, I had a lot of business with my campus from Himatif to Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty’s Student Executive Board. But again, I emphasize that I only never go to church while in Jatinangor. When I went back to my house in Jakarta last semester, I came to church as well.

Back to the topic. Today Senior Yoan and I chose to go to HKBP Riau in Bandung. I’m sorry I’m too lazy to translate HKBP in English, but it’s a church of Batak people. I knew I wasn’t Batak but I didn’t care. I just wanted to try something new. At that time I also just knew that there were free buses to get the church. Whoa, I wished I knew it from a long time ago.

When I arrived in front of the church, Senior Yoan took me to eat first because the devotion hadn’t started yet. She told me better to eat now than being hungry until we got back to Jatinangor. I ate fried rice and Senior Yoan just ate bread with red velvet jam. Actually I wasn’t shocked with the price since I experienced ate something in Bandung while Himatif Graduation Day. But this was really crazy you know, I could be more full in Jatinangor with this price. Thank God I lived in Jatinangor, not this scary Bandung.

After that we got inside the church and followed the devotion till the end. Senior Yoan told me better to take the short way to get the bus rather than the usual way to get away except we wanted to stand up in the bus. And that’s how I experienced the first time going to church while living in Jatinangor. Next week I want to try GII Dago and the next two week I want to go to Jatinangor’s only one church. GII Dago is also one of churches in Bandung which have free buses to get there from Jatinangor. Dear God I hope I will be diligently going to church every Sunday after this.


Projects to Develop Myself

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Hey ya finally I have a proper time to write about all of my projects that I joined. These projects aren’t for academic purposes but only for developing myself. Let’s start from the first project.

One day, Eko asked us if there was anyone who wanted to join a web designing project with Senior Asep and Senior Ical. I thought there wasn’t, so I asked Eko if I still could join and he gave my contact to Senior Ical. The next day, Shofi called me to gather up for the first meeting with them. At that time, I just knew that Shofi also joined this project and I became more excited with this project.

At the first sprint we succeed the to-do tasks. By the way, sprint was a to-do task list and we should finish all in the list in a week. Then we met up again for the second time to discuss the second sprint. That’s how all problems started. Shofi and I couldn’t finish the second sprint because of our own business. Then because of it, we got a warning from the seniors to be more serious again with this project. Yeah, we promised them to get focus again. I wish in this holiday season I can do the belated to-do tasks in the second sprint. I don’t want make the seniors got disappointed again with me and Shofi.

The second project is HDA or Himatif Database Apps. It is an app contained with Himatif big family’s biodata. I joined this project with Ibnu, Islam, Bening, and Hilya. The app was already finished but it still should have to be developed more and that’s all our task as the trainees. Until now we had ever met up once with the tutors. I guess in the next semester we will meet often. OMG I hope I can divide my time for everything I will do next semester.

The third project is the most exciting project but also the hardest one. It is Mr. Erick Paulus’ project which is our lecturer in Data Structures subject. I don’t know what to call but this project is named Document Analysis. At first we helped to input survey answers from a company’s staffs into text files. Ah yes, the survey contained essays and multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions were scanned with a special scanner so we didn’t have to input like the essays. This project was paused before the final exams with all of the surveys were already inputted. It will be continued after we are coming back to Jatinangor for the new semester. On the top I said this is exciting because we will get paid of what we helped and the hardest one because I should install Matlab in my laptop. I heard this software was taking big memory and the use of this software was hard enough. I’m afraid my laptop can’t be strong when using this software. I hope everything goes well. Until now I haven’t downloaded it yet because it’s too big! I wanted to download it later with WiFi in my temporary home LOL.

The last project is 3D Game Project. The team name is really absurd, it’s Wahaha Project. I joined this project with Bening, Hilya, Fauzi, Senior Fazlur, and the leader Senior Dwiki. This project don’t have any progress even a meeting. The leader just only told us to try Unity Software first before we met up. And again, I haven’t downloaded it yet too because I’m waiting for WiFi in my temporary home haha.

That’s all my ongoing projects. I knew I shouldn’t take a lot of projects like this. Like Senior Asep said, a person can’t split his/her focus into many as maximal as he/she can. I think I will leave Mr. Erick’s project and Wahaha project and focus on Last Cake and HDA team. But it’s still a “will” so let’s see if I can take all of them or surrender some of them.


Dies Natalis 18th of Mathematics and Natural Science Family

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Happy birthday Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty big family! Tonight was the celebration of the birthday even though the actual birth date was on May 29th. The celebration or we said it “Dies Natalis” was also a closing ceremony of three big events in Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty. There were OSEAN by Talent and Interest Department, MIPA Science Cup by Academic Department, and Kuantum by Strategic Studies Department. The “Dies Natalis” event itself was held by Internal Relation Department. Hahaha, can you feel my worries? I always experienced something crazy with them. Remember when Internal Relation Department kidnapped me to prepare the Launching event? And yes, it’s coming again for Dies, I thought I had ever mentioned it in this post.

For this event I only helped to make a photobooth backdrop but before that I had to quarrel with Afifah because she made me confused with the requests. I thought she wanted me to make banner but suddenly it changed to photobooth backdrop. Luckily I could handle it fast so the backdrop could be printed on time even though it was just designed a night before the event.

And then tonight was already over. At first I didn’t interest to come to the Dies event because I didn’t have someone or something to see. I even went to Griya Market with Mila but yeah finally we thought to pay a visit for a while to Dies. We were arrived on 10 PM so of course we were the last guests in this event LOL. In the event I saw there were OSEAN, MIPA Science Cup, and Kuantum winners announcements. In the end of the event, all presidents of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty organizations were singing the Hymn of Scholar (I wasn’t sure with the exact name). I also took some photos with Himatif in front of the photobooth backdrop that I made last night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the photos so I couldn’t show it here. After that, Mila and I went back home.


No Classes Because Seminars

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Sometimes I felt thankful I was in this university because the lecturers were really understanding us LOL. Yeah, that title wasn’t wrong, today all of Informatics Engineering in Padjadjaran University were skipped classes because we should attend a seminar in Dipati Ukur. The seminar was from Huawei and talking about IoT or Internet of Things. By the way, the venue of the seminar was as same as Technopreneur’s several days ago so it brought up some memories to me. Oh yes, by the way I got here by using bus from the rectorate and it’s all free.

I had to be honest that I didn’t pay attention with the seminar because it was boring. But in the end of the seminar, it came to be fun because there was a doorprize for lucky participants. The doorprize wasn’t that cheap, it was mobile phone so I thought whoever who got that was so lucky.

After that, we got free lunch and went back to Jatinangor using the bus again. My bus was arrived on time with Mrs. Mira’s seminar. Mrs. Mira was my guardian lecturer (dosen wali) and today she was being the speaker of an Online Business Seminar in Bale Sawala, held by Students Council of University. I might be not getting free snacks and goodies but at least I got a certificate to collect yay. That’s all for today.


Technopreneur 2017

Ah again, just the same like Instagram committee, I registered myself on the last day of the open recruitment. But for this committee, I chose to be serious by taking publication and documentation division because I saw potential with the division, completed with Iyon and Senior Algifari. The other best part was Rey and Abie which were also in the same division with me. Such a division goal right?

At the first time honestly I didn’t enjoy the division because there was only me as a female and the others were males. The group chat was so silent and even I left and joined twice because I wanted to break the silence. LOL I was so overacting. Luckily, after Senior Ceri joined in the group chat, this division started to give good progress. Yeah I thought it’s enough telling about my own division LOL. I didn’t want to tell our problems while making publications. It’s okay I knew everyone could make mistakes. And finally the day was coming today.

Err… No. I still wanted to tell some flashbacks. Did you remember about the “door to door” strategy I told here? It was also the part of Technopreneur committee’s misery. I’m kidding. There was the worse strategy more than “door to door”. Reselling Snickers bars. Ha. Thanks a lot I could spend a lot for and taste chocolates in Jatinangor.

I also wanted to tell this flashback. One day, there was a meeting for primary committees. Rey, as the head of publication and documentation division, asked me to replace him in the meeting because he was in Jakarta at that time. At first I refused him but finally I still went there. I mostly didn’t pay attention to the meeting because I was busy with my phone. I even talked to Senior Ojan a lot because at that moment Senior Algifari was performing solo vocal for OSEAN so we both teased him to give supports(?)

Well that’s all for the flashbacks. Now it’s when the day was coming. For your information the venue of Technopreneur event was in Dipati Ukur, City of Bandung. This year Technopreneur presented four awesome speakers. There were Edward Widjonarko (Co-Founder of CICIL), Adhitya Dwitama (Application Development Manager of OLX Indonesia), Oscar Darmawan (CEO of Bitcoin Indonesia), and Rachmad Imron (CEO of Digital Happiness, the creator of DreadOut). To reach the venue, I joined in Abie’s car with Afifah, Vega, Rey, and Iyon. I hate to remember that we were all late because we were waiting for Rey taking a bath. Luckily the punishment didn’t really hard.

For today my job was editing and printing certificates for participants so I fully worked in the committee’s room which was located in the backstage. I took a pity to myself because I couldn’t listen any words from the speakers. My job also wasn’t that easy. Maybe the editing yes, but the printing was a big NO. I tried the printer too much so the certificates were printed in the exact middle center position on the paper. Then, when finally I found the best position for it, the printer ink ran out. Huh WTF did I do here? In the end, the certificates were printed by logistics division in the public fotocopy and printing place. After waiting logistics division to bring the certificates, I sorted them from A to Z so when the event was finished, the participants could take their certificates easily.

My job was finished coincide with the end of the event. Then I took a lot of photos with committees on the photobooth stand. I also helped other committees to clean the venue before we left it. Finally it’s all over. All committees were gathered. We were giving appreciations to everyone and of course the evaluations. I thought this event was a big success even all the problems were just a little distraction for us. All of the evaluations today were for the better next year’s. Oh wow, I couldn’t believe myself being one of the committees of this awesome public event. I even didn’t being mad with all the problems I had. I really thanked a lot because my choice to be one of this committees wasn’t wrong. Now I felt braver to try other public events like this.

Enough for today. Finally we went back home each other. But there was something different between how I got there and how I got back. At that moment Dzakia asked me if I wanted to exchange with her so it meant she got back using Abie’s car and I got back using Senior Ojan’s motorcycle which was Dzakia’s way to got there. I didn’t refuse her offer because I thought it would be fun to ride motorcycle on night. And I was super duper right! Along the way we got back to Jatinangor, I talked a lot with Senior Ojan so I didn’t get bored. Because of this I could know more about him even the info that he would be my neighbor in the next semester! I meant, our temporary home would be close. Woohoo, I’ve never been so happy like this.


Haiti: Making LINE Chatbot

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Haiti is one of the programs by Research and Development Department. It’s a special workshop for IT soft skills and it’s only dedicated to all Himatif big family. I joined this program because I found it exciting. As you can see on the title, we would make a LINE chatbot in this workshop! And the fact was it’s not only me who found it exciting. The room for the workshop was very full of people even some of my seniors didn’t get any more seats.

Okay so let’s talk about the workshop. The presenter was Tony Haryanto, the Co-Founder and CIO of Codepolitan.org. At first I could follow the instructions and finally finished my chatbot. But unfortunately, because the presenter forgot to insert some files in the toolkit so I failed. In the other side, if I used Google Chrome browser then edit the files using Postman maybe I could finish my chatbot. Ahh it’s okay, I wasn’t disappointed at all because I had already learned something new today even though I couldn’t finish it. Thanks Research and Development Department!


The Evaluation and Award for Executive Board of Himatif

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It’s been about three months that we, Impressive Cabinet, had already led Himatif this year. And that’s why we needed an evaluation so we could make Himatif better.

Actually today there was also a program by Cabinet Resources Bureau from Transformation Cabinet. The name was Mentoring if I wasn’t wrong and the program was about a meeting between Transformation Cabinet and Exciting Cabinet (WTF? I don’t know the right word for “seru” in English). The Exciting Cabinet was a cabinet of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty’s Student Executive Board in 2016 so that meant they were before Transformation Cabinet. But I chose to join Himatif Executive Board Evaluation Program instead. I was so unlucky because actually I could attend both of the program. This evaluation program was late from the plan it should be (ngaret). And in the other side, the mentoring program was started on time and finished when the evaluation program was going to start. Yeah, at least I could sleep a lot in the checkpoint room while waiting for the evaluation program started.

The agenda was so simple. All departments, one by one, told their completed programs and the evaluations. Other departments could add some evaluations too. How about my department? Umm actually we didn’t have any problems with our programs but we really need more bonding between us. Our department group chat didn’t have much conversations and the chats were usually boring. Also as the people who shared information we should be fast to respond so they wouldn’t be any miscommunication or belated posts.

After the evaluation, we were also celebrating Senior Hilmi, the vice president of Impressive Cabinet, who had a birthday several days ago. And then we came to the next agenda: the Executive Board Awards. There were a lot of award categories which I didn’t really remember. And guess what? Hell ya, how in the earth I could win the most talkative person in the cabinet???!!! Okay at least my department was happy we got a bucket of snacks as the gift.

That’s all for today! Whoa, I didn’t expect this program would be ended in midnight. Oh yes, I forgot to tell that this was one of the program by Organization Development Department. Thanks a lot for today and I wished for the best for my cabinet especially my own department teehee.

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