I Fell Again

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I don’t know what mood can describe my situation today. So today my usual food store to order food was closed. I also didn’t have much balance (pulsa?) to message delivery order to other food store. Then I decided to just eat Indomie Cup.

Today wasn’t the first time I made Indomie Cup. I forgot when but it’s before I got throat hurt. I just told you today because I didn’t take the photo LOL. So here it is.

Can you see those broken Indomie? Yeah so basically it’s just Pop Mie Cup but I recycled it to make Indomie there. And… Ignore the flavor of the Indomie. it’s just because there was only fried noodle flavor.

After that, I went to campus for making wall magazine for faculty’s Student Executive Board. Unfortunately, when I just wanted to go, the rain was falling hard. I waited until the rain stopped. I felt inpatient so bad while reaching campus because the public cars I took were waiting for many passengers before going. Then I walked to the meeting point in our dean (dekanat). I’d just reached it when I stupidly fell on stairway. My butt hurt. In the beginning I was okay but suddenly I couldn’t see anything and almost fainted in front of the head of media department, Senior Tiar. I also threw up Indomie ugh.

After resting for a while I finally could walk and help making wall magazine. But again, my butt still hurt, exactly in the sacrum and tail bone (coccyx). Senior Tiar even suggested me to meet masseur so I could heal without any health problem. Yeah I also worried if I couldn’t have a baby :((( DEAR GOD PLEASE DON’T :(((

Finally our first wall magazine was almost finished. Yeah, because there were some pending contents that we haven’t printed. So far, here is our first wall magazine.

We will continue tomorrow. Then we got home but I went to Ramen Bajuri with Mila. Oh yes, I haven’t told you about this ramen store, right? Umm yeah I recommend this place so bad. The ramen is very worth it and not so expensive. And don’t forget to order Bohay tea for drink because it’s big but cheap.

Alright it’s for today. Btw I chose the title “I Fell Again” because it’s not the first time I fell lately. The first time was when “Unity in Transformation Cabinet” event. I fell and hurt my knee and still bluish until now. Now, a week after that falling, I hurt my sitting bones so I couldn’t sit well. Between those falling, I also hurt my throat but luckily it’s already gone. Hurts in a row from top to toe 🙁


Throat Hurt

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Since yesterday, my throat hurts.

I didn’t know why, there was no indication for cough or flu. My voice was also fine. I ate well too yesterday even though I ate noodles cup only. OMG why??!!

Now I can’t swallow food well. Every time I move my tongue, it hurts. The worse of all, I pee several times. LOL I don’t know if this is related to my throat but it’s really annoying. I imagined there were some evil bacteria lived in my throat huhu. Usually throat is infected by bacteria right?

Actually I promised to myself to go to campus today for Great Deliberation of Himatif but I didn’t go because I thought I got fever. Today’s foods were porridge and curry lontong only. I chose them because I knew both were so tasty and didn’t need to chew since I can’t swallow well.

It’s already two days but I’m still hoping for magic. I hate to eat medicine. Not because it tastes bitter but I don’t want to waste my money buying it. So I only drink ginger formula of Tolak Angin which is already available in my medicine box. But there are only 4 sachets so I hope in 4 days I will get well 🙁


Double Night Gathering in a Row?!

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One of the reasons why I came back early to my temporary home because I had to join two night gatherings (malam keakraban) in a week. The first one is Himatif’s and the second one is my generation’s. Let me tell you both.

Himatif’s night gathering was held on February 9th-10th in Datuk Manglayang Villa. The first day we had games such as UNO, werewolf, cards, etc. and in the night we had meeting for all departments. Then in the next day we came back to Jatinangor at about 11 AM because it was Friday and Muslim boys had to have Friday’s shalat. Yeah, so basically it’s only a day and a night gathering. I don’t think it’s enough for making this cabinet united?

Next I went to my generation’s night gathering on February 12th-14th in Damos Villa. The first day we were doing nothing just free time because when we arrived it’s already night including us who had to join faculty’s Students Executive Board event first. In the next day, we had games. Finally, in the last day there was gift exchange activity and generation forum (forum angkatan?). While living in this villa, I mostly spent my time in the girls’ room because I was too lazy to move since my knee hurt. And the aura was very sleepy so I could sleep easily, not like previous night gathering which I went to sleep at 2 AM because playing werewolf a lot. So basically I thought I didn’t have many good moments here.

Both night gatherings I reached with motorcycle, except when I came back to Jatinangor from Damos Villa because I could have seat in Abie’s new car hehe. Seriously it’s very helpful because I didn’t want to be weary using motorcycle while my knee hurt.

Double night gatherings in a week are such an exhausting activities and money-wasting. I’ve also not enjoyed both of them.


Unity in Transformation Cabinet

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I don’t know what is “penyolidan” in English. There is no word like “solidaritation” or some kind like that. Whatever, I’d rather choose this title as the substitution of “Penyolidan Kabinet Transformasi” in Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty. As I had already told you, I am one of media department staffs in this faculty’s Students Executive Board. So far, I prefer to work in faculty than my own association. Not only because I like all of the people in this cabinet, but also jobs that I got. I was accepted in Himatif before this one but I hadn’t gotten any jobs yet there. Besides that, we never met up face to face, just via online, and it’s even very silent. Chats were only for important talks. Ah enough comparing both. Just directly told about this event.

So this event was on the same day with my generation’s night gathering! Some of my friends who also part of faculty’s Students Executive Board and me had some argues about choosing this event or our generation. And finally we decided to join this event first then asked permissions for leaving early.

In this event, all of the people who were part of faculty’s Students Executive Board were separated into groups for games session. I got myself in Group 6.While games session, I had to bring my heavy bag and walk to game posts. Yeah, my bag was heavy because I brought things for my generation’s night gathering. Unfortunately, I fell off and hurt my knees. And the wound is still there until now.

After taking some break time, I walked again for games session. My heavy bag was left in my rest place, the meeting room for the faculty’s Students Executive Board. There were 5 game posts and my group only won once. Haha who cares. Then all groups were united in Biology Department’s back garden(?) to next activity. It’s about talent show for every department in this cabinet. Media department had to show Indonesia’s boyband/girlband lipsync dance. It was so awkward but that’s okay.

Last, my Informatics Engineering friends and me asked permissions for leaving early. Actually it’s not really early, because this event was almost finished so we didn’t miss any important activities. Okay that’s all. I hope we all can work together for this year!


Sewing Like A Pro

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I have a raincoat. A comfort one, because it’s big and easy to use. But poorly, it’s a little bit ripped off. And now I would like to present my skill fixing this raincoat LOL. Please don’t try this at home okay.

Before that, I’d already thought to watch videos from YouTube about how to sew ripped cloth but I found no videos which told the tutorial properly. So I hopelessly decided to sew randomly like I could.

Those photos above were the results! Hahaha please blame me, I wasn’t an ideal wife if I couldn’t sew properly. I’ll try again in another time. I want to give stuffy gift to my ideal boyfriend OMG 🙁


Portable Liquid Soap For Travelling

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Want to travel somewhere but don’t know how to bring your liquid soap? Maybe it looks stupid but I swear it works!

I will have two night gatherings in a row, Himatif’s and my generation’s so I need to bring my liquid soap but the problem is the liquid soap bottle is too big and I’m afraid it will be spilled in my bag. So I pour some liquid soap into a small bottle of mineral water.

It’s not only for liquid soap, but you can use this lame trick too for shampoo!

Haha okay that’s my new life hack. Ignore my advertising language. Wish me safe and sound while going to those night gatherings!


Fight For You

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Finally today I could go to my temporary home again in Jatinangor. Actually the plan was cancelled twice, February 1st and 5th, because there were some troubles in my house. Umm… I’m really sad to leave my house in a bad condition. My father was fired and everyday argued with my mother. How could I leave my house like that? And actually both cancelled plans were going to my temporary home with my father but finally today I’m going alone.

All of my packages had already prepared since February 1st so I didn’t worry forget to bring my things. I had already rechecked them too. Seriously when I came back home I only brought one bag but now I had to bring two bags.

So today after my father accompanied me to Primajasa bus stop, I was left alone in a bus. Sat exactly behind the driver and couldn’t sleep for a second. Seriously I didn’t understand why it took so long times to reach Jatinangor. The bus that I took didn’t pass the toll but the public ways. That’s also the reason why I didn’t know where would I arrive. There wasn’t any kilometers sign like in the tolls.

At about 3 PM, I finally arrived in Jatinangor and I hadn’t eaten my lunch yet. I couldn’t eat or drink properly in a bus you know. Then I took a public car for getting my temporary home. AND THIS ONE WAS THE HELL FOR ME. The driver of the public car I took didn’t want to go until he got his public car full of passengers. No, not just full but very dense(?) until I couldn’t even breath inside. I was squeezed between my heavy bags and passengers. In that time, I swore a lot in my heart. Damn you greedy driver!

In the middle of the way to my temporary home, I took off from that damn public car and took another public car. This one was lighter than before. After reaching my temporary home, I took off again and finally slept like a dead man in my room.


Chess C++ Project

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Hello guys! Err… I don’t know if there is someone who read this blog haha. But today I won’t tell about my college life. Just about the programming languages that I’ve learned in college. Wait, is that same? Okay, forget it. And here I present you the masterpiece of my coding in C++ which is I learn in the first semester. A chess program! Whoa, can you imagine that?

Just download the coding and the playable program HERE. The password of the file is “informatika”. Sorry, the coding is Indonesian only LOL.

Don’t worry, I will explain later those codes in the next posts. Of course if I’m not lazy haha. I think I will separate the tutorials in 8 posts (click here for complete tutorials). And special for you, I will make the C++ tutorials in English.

Btw, I collaborate with Vega, one of my friend, to make this chess program. That’s why you will see her name along with my name in the comment part for giving authorization. And this masterpiece was made for our final exam project in Algorithms and Programming study. Oh yes, one more. There were some problems which weren’t solved, we still didn’t get any idea to make exact ways for every pieces. Even though we found the solutions from the internet, we still didn’t understand well about the codes. Actually the good one that we found had a very long coding. What the hell… I’m so done with codes :((


Things I Forgot to Bring Back Home

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You know, because I came back home too early so I have a lot of things I forgot to bring back home.

Why the hell I forgot to bring my money??!! Of course I know it’s okay to leave it but without money I can’t go anywhere I want. My Jakarta friends were asking me for going to watch movies and going to mall but I couldn’t. Yeah it doesn’t really matter too since I’m too lazy to do something outside my room. Haha.

This is the worst thing I forgot to bring back home. The tablet! I had almost gone crazy because without the tablet turned on I couldn’t activate my Indosat number. LOL I even made the customer service of Indosat overwhelmed with my questions in Twitter. Luckily, I could save my Indosat number from the death. Thanks to all customer service of Indosat 🙂

Then I have 3 bottles of Minutes Maid that I never drink because I can’t open the bottles. I should bring back home actually for asking help my family to open them. I hope those drinks don’t be expired while I’m in Jakarta.

While I brought some of my clothes to ask my mother to wash them, why the hell I forgot to bring my towels??!! Seriously those two towels I have in temporary home were never washed for about 4 months. And I’d rather choose to bring my clothes? Damn stupid me.

The last one I think it’s important to bring back home is my pair of flat shoes. Without them I only can go anywhere with shoes. It’s more comfort wearing flat shoes than shoes but yeah they were already forgotten to bring back home.

Hoho okay that’s all. I hope when I come back home again in June I don’t forget again to bring those things.


Triple Jobs Challenge

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On December 16th 2016, I was appointed to be a part of MISIOLOGI. MISIOLOGI is derived from MIPA-Farmasi-Geologi (Mathematics and Natural Science-Pharmacy-Geological Engineering Faculties) and it’s an organization of Christian Students Association from those three faculties. In the past, there were one faculty but now there were separated. If my department is also separated into Engineering Faculty, will the name change again? LOL forgot it. In this organization I got position as a staff of literature division.

Then on December 26th 2016, I was accepted as a staff of media and information department in Himatif Executive Board. By the way, Himatif has three parts of organization, there are Executive Board, Legislative Board, and Great Deliberation Presidents. Damn, it’s truly difficult to describe in English. Those three in Indonesian are BE (Badan Eksekutif), DPA (Dewan Perwakilan Anggota), and Presidium Mubes. I won’t tell a lot about the job descriptions of them, coming soon okay. Oh yes I forgot to tell that I got same division as Iyon woohoo. I even wanted Abie and Rey too got media and information department but unfortunately they didn’t 🙁

The last one, today I got myself in Students Executive Board of Mathematics and Natural Science Faculty as a staff of media department. This one was the only one I didn’t really desperate to get because I’ve already had two organizations to contribute. I signed for this open recruitment because Mila signed and also Alif and Ihsan from Ocho Cinco. But unfortunately Ihsan wasn’t lucky.

Alright, that’s all the three organizations that I have to contribute this year. Honestly, those three jobs that I have are the same. Literature division, media and information department, and media department have the same job descriptions: doing designs and controlling social medias so I think I won’t be rush take care those three. Wish me luck guys. I hope those three also don’t make me stress and still have good scores for this semester.

OMG I forgot this one. I don’t know what kind of job is this, I was chosen to be Mrs. Mira’s assistant for completing her magister thesis. Wow I’m so confused but also happy. Why did Mrs. Mira choose me? I’m a freshman who barely know anything. Yeah I hope this one also doesn’t disturb my college life.

Okay bye. Once again, WISH ME LUCK PLEASE!

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