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Infographic Design Competition Again in COIN

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Protected: Ich fühle mich zweiundzwanzig

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Trying to be Practical Study Assistants

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Always Busy

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Another Graduation Day to Come

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Back Too Early

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Today I arrived back to Jatinangor. Maybe you wondered, why I went back too early? It’s not my intention, there was a problem with my scores.

Last Saturday, when I checked my score on Operation System subject, I was shocked. OMG what had I done so my score was so bad? I got 36 and 40 for my midterm test and final term test. My tasks, practical study, and quizzes score were but didn’t help both of my bad scores to make me got B grade. It was my first time experienced the feeling of having C grade. I cried for a while, but then when I asked some people there were some of them who got C grade too because of midterm test and final term test score. One of them was Eko. I was suggested to meet him face to face instead asking via Whatsapp. But after we discussed more, first we asked on Whatsapp then if we couldn’t change the grade we met the lecturer. Eko tried to message first on Sunday. Luckily he was replied and got B grade because the lecturer didn’t check properly. Then I messaged too. But because it was already night, the lecturer replied he would check tomorrow morning or it meant today morning. That’s why I came to Jatinangor today.

Arrived in Jatinangor, I got reply from the lecturer that almost all of my answers in midterm test and final term test were wrong. That’s why I got bad scores. OMG it was me who was dumb after all. But I didn’t give up. I would still meet him face to face. Alone. Because Eko already succeed getting a new grade. When I went to the lecturer’s office, I saw there were Rifqy, Rafid, and Rezy who wanted to recheck their Web Development score. Just info, the lecturer of Operation System subject and Web Development subject was same. Even though I was the only one who wanted to recheck my Operation System score, I was relieved I wasn’t the only one in the office. I had to wait for them rechecked their score. At that time I was given my midterm test and final term test answers paper from the lecturer. Well, as I said before, I was the dumb one here. All of my answers in the essay part were wrong when I checked them with the answers key. I was lucky I got some suggestions from Rifqy and Eko about how to get B grade by increasing my midterm test and final term test score. Finally I could get B grade with 68 as the final score. 68 was the least score range of B grade. Ah I didn’t care as long as I could get B grade. Thank God today the lecturer’s mood was very good. I thought I would get his anger if I asked to increase my score. If I could, I wanted to prostate in front of him. OMG I was so happy!

After that I went back to my temporary home. Damn, my toilet walls were covered with spiders web. I didn’t understand I only left for several days but it looked like I left for years. I also saw some dead worms on my floor. Ew. Luckily they were already dead. I couldn’t imagine if they were still alive.

Finally after waiting for a long time I could meet Senior Ojan again. We talked and played a lot. I even planned to go to IndonesiaNEXT seminar on January 18th and didn’t want to go home too fast before the guardianship. In Jatinangor I could use free WiFi as I wanted, not like in my home which was limited only in nights. I hoped I didn’t regret my choice for living in Jatinangor longer.


Bad day.

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Poor me! Today is the worst day of 2018 so far. In the morning I felt after going to the toilet and then hit standing fan. After telling this to my dad, he was angry to my mom because he thought I felt after stepped on wet toilet floors. The toilet floors were covered with moss because my mom forgot to clean the toilet. He was also angry to me because I was dumb. Dear God, let me be strong of this accident.

In the afternoon while I took a nap, I got sleep paralysis because of bad dreams. I didn’t really remember about the dream but it was about some people who hated me were making tricks to disgrace me. I was lucky there was a teacher who defended me but I didn’t know why I still got sleep paralysis at that time. After waking up from the nightmare I couldn’t lift my body even my hand. My head was aching and I couldn’t take my favorite balsam to help me better. I was lucky the sleep paralysis wasn’t long. After getting some energies I took my Panadol pill and my favorite balsam to cure me but I couldn’t sleep again after that so I just rested on my bed to make me better.

And now, the worst of all, in the night I accidentally deleted all of my storage in my phone. As you can guess, ALL OF MY MEMORIES WERE GONE. So I’d already saved a lot of memories, because every six months I backed up my phone memories. But I didn’t know why, maybe just because I was unlucky today, my photos from camera and screenshots weren’t backed up. I thought I backed up everything because in my file history I could check that I backed up my photos from camera and screenshots, but yeah nothing was backed up from the last six months. I also lost all of my photos in LINE chats and only could save photos from the last two weeks. DAMN! It meant that all of my memories I made with some people I love in my third semester were lost.

OMG I WAS REALLY REALLY SAD AND COULDN’T HELP MYSELF TO CRY :((( Once again, I was so unlucky I couldn’t save my good memories. At first I’d already lost almost all of my best high school memories in my old phone and I still hoped I could save them in the future because I didn’t have any solutions again to get my memories back until now. And now almost all of my college life memories were lost. Why in the world I could have this problem? 🙁 I was thinking to use a software to recover my files but until now I still couldn’t find a good software which could recover all my files without anything left. Please, for this problem help me God! I know there are mortals but I didn’t want to forget those good memories for myself :(((


See You Later Jatinangor

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Yeah finally I go back to Jakarta today. Hello again my house! I miss how noisy my family and how messy my old room is. I also miss my mom’s homemade foods so I don’t have to eat more chickens again like in Jatinangor. This time I didn’t forget important things to bring like previous trip. But I was disappointed I went back too early to my home while some of my friends were still in Jatinangor.

Actually I had already planned to go back to Jakarta on December 23rd because I wanted to celebrate Christmas Eve with my family. But because there was a problem with 2015 and 2016 generation’s final term test which used Computer Based so the lecturer wanted to redo the test on December 31st. I was forced to celebrate Christmas Eve in a church in Bandung. Luckily there was Senior Yoan who accompanied me. It was my first time seeing her after I had my gloomy week. I told her the true story of my gloomy week and she gave me lot of messages that I should be strong and believe that there would be another good plans for me. The plan of redoing the test was cancelled just after I already celebrated Christmas Eve. Some of friends were lazy to go back home even after heard this announcement but different with me, I directly packed my things and prepared to go back to Jakarta in the next day or today in this story.

In Jatinangor, some of my friends were planning to have BBQ time and sleepover party. Ah I wished I didn’t go back today. It was no use I went back to Jakarta faster or not because the Christmas Eve was passed and my family was already celebrated it without me.

I also had two competitions projects to do in this holiday time. The first one was Technovation category in Arkavidia competition by Bandung Institute of Technology teamed with Eko and Zaenal. The second one was Game Development category in MAGE competition by Surabaya Institute of Technology teamed with Senior Rio and Senior Midun. I thought it was better if I made the project in Jatinangor because I really needed good internet connection. Ah it was my fault. I didn’t want to regret anymore but just want to enjoy my family time here.


Image Gallery for Ciburuy Desk Application

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Another final project was finished this semester. This time I will show off my Object Oriented Programming final project. I made an image gallery program with Shofiyyah, Raditya, Bebe, and Santo. Please kindly check my Github repository here for the raw codes and reports.

This photo above was the screenshot of my program. It was made with Java language and used Netbeans as the code editor. Simply, it was designed only with jLabel and jButton library as you can see below.

Ah if you asked why I used the Ciburuy site as the images, that was because all of the teams who took Object Oriented Programming subject were demanded to make a program that would be a feature for Ciburuy Desk. Ciburuy Desk was a desktop app about Ciburuy site on West Java and contained all of the teams’ programs including my team. We wasn’t the one who wanted to make image gallery. We got it because the lecturer demanded us. I didn’t really remember all features in Ciburuy Desk, I just remembered there were games, Sundanese translator, search engine, and image gallery like what we made.

I was so sorry if there was some of you couldn’t run the raw codes in my Github repository above because actually there was a bug I didn’t understand in the program. Some of people could run the program and the others couldn’t. I could run it in my laptop but Eko, who was in a team to gather all of the programs into an app, couldn’t run it so I gave him my old codes of the program which was really different than the fixed one for Ciburuy Desk. (The old codes were in Slideshow folder.) Please guys if somebody could help me fix the error, I would really appreciate it. The error message in the codes was: Exception in thread “AWT-EventQueue-0” java.lang.NullPointerException. Thank you for reading 🙂

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