• Apple WWDC 2015 Summary

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    Apple WWDC 2015 Summary


    From Apple WWDC keynote event that held on June 8, 2015 at 10:00 AM PST, here are my summary:

    OS X 10.11 “El Capitan”

    • Apple Mail: you can do swipe leftward an email to trash it out, rightward to give it a flag,
    • Safari: new audio control for quickly mute background sound & pinning sites for quick and easy navigation,
    • Spot Light: natural (human) language support & resizable/movable spot light window,
    • Splitscreen for apps’ windows in fullscreen mode,
    • Performance: 2x faster in switching, 2x faster in opening Apple Mail, 4x faster in opening PDF in Preview,
    • Metal for OS X (graphic performance),
    • OS X El Capitan developer preview is available starting 6/9/2015,
    • OS X El Capitan is gonna available later this year for free.

    iOS 9

    • search using natural language with Siri & Spot Light,
    • Siri’s context sensitivity,
    • Proactive Assistant that will automate things base on your regular behaviour,
    • iOS 9 will guess the caller ID of incoming call from someone that’s not yet available in our contact base on his/her phone number that’s listed in your email,
    • swipe from left from homescreen (a gesture just like pre iOS 5), will show a summary of recent people you contact most & most used apps of the day,
    • search result will also intelligently relate with a relevant app that will handle it (some say it’s a Google search killer),
    • calendar alerts will include current traffic condition,
    • all of that without sharing your data with third party or Apple. All is done on device (privacy),
    • more adoptions for Apple Pay, including buyable pins from Pinterest, and Apple Pay is coming to UK on July,
    • Apple Pay: reward cards & also available for UK, including their public transport system,
    • Passbook is being renamed as Wallet (compete with Evernote and Microsoft OneNote),
    • Notes apps now can handle check list and drawing (I wish it could handle drawing just like Newton’s notes app),
    • Transit for Apple Map. It will be available soon for China too,
    • Apple Map will also show what are nearby (compete with foursquare),
    • new News app (compete with Flipboard and Facebook’s Instant Article),
    • new gesture two fingers on iPad’s keyboard that will transform into a trackpad,
    • auto layout that will split screen for 2 apps (it only supported by iPad Air 2 and presumably iPhone 6 Plus),
    • battery improvements by 1 hour,
    • iOS 9 will only need 1.3 GB empty space to install, compare to iOS 8 that needs 4.6 GB,
    • ReplayKit for recording & sharing gameplay videos,
    • HomeKit supports for window shades, security systems trough iOS devices and iCloud,
    • women reproduction for HealthKit,
    • CarPlay is going wireless,
    • Starting with Swift 2, Apple has set it as an open source! (following HealthKit that got announced last year),
    • iOS 9 will be available later this year and at least it will support iPad 2 and iPhone 4s (just like iOS 8)!

    watchOS 2

    • photo/photo album and cities’ time-lapse video for watch face,
    • custom watch face complications for developers such as Time Travel,
    • add (+) sign for adding new contact,
    • colours for digital touch,
    • reply email (using Siri),
    • FaceTime audio,
    • Siri’s natural instructions,
    • shareable health/fitness achievements,
    • Wallet just like iOS 9,
    • Transit just like the new Apple Map,
    • Siri will be able to recognise glances/app related,
    • For developers: UI & logic on iOS app will be paired on the watch; mic, speaker & accelerometer access, taptic engine and digital crown access (you can control HomeKit enabled system, lock your car, control your car’s cabin temperature),
    • play short video,
    • HealthKit will show heart rate on the go,
    • watchOS 2 will be available later this year.

    one more thing: MUSIC

    • What’s on MUSIC: For You, Connect, Beat1 (internet radio), Search, My Music, New (curated human playlists),
    • Connect will pull in artist’ updates from the artist him/herself from twitter, Facebook or Connect directly,
    • there will be a new iTunes for Mac, Windows, and Android!
    • MUSIC will cost you $9.99/month or $14.99/month for 6 people and a 3 months free bonus,

    IMHO, killer things that have been announced by Apple that day are:

    1. Swift get open sourced,
    2. Natural language for Spot Light & Siri,
    3. Search result aggregation that will compete with web search engines.
  • How Steve Jobs Undercut Silicon Valley’s Greatest Asset: Engineers

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    How Steve Jobs Undercut Silicon Valley’s Greatest Asset: Engineers

    Jeremy Quittner writing for Inc.:

    If you [Sergey Brin] hire a single one of these people that means war,’ Brin recounted Jobs saying during a particularly vitriolic exchange over Google’s practice of cold-calling engineers at Apple.

    A cowed Brin later sent Google’s executive management team an email that said: ‘Lets [sic] not make any new offers or contact new people at Apple until we have had a chance to discuss.’

    Similarly, Bruce Chizen, the former Adobe chief executive, expressed concerns about the loss of top engineers if Adobe failed to have an ‘anti-solicitation’ agreement with Apple. ‘If I tell Steve [Jobs] it’s open season (other than senior managers), he will deliberately poach Adobe just to prove a point,’ Chizen said, according to court documents.

    The way I see it, Jobs was just trying to protect Apple’s intellectual property right. Considering the number of their employees, it’s funny to conclude that it was all Jobs’ wrongdoings. According to Wolfram Alpha, the number of employees of these companies are: Apple: 84,400 people, Google 47,756 people, Microsoft: 99,000 people, Adobe: 11,847 people.

    Oh, did you read Google’s executives internal memos?

  • Iklan Apple, Samsung, dan Nokia: the Good, the Not Bad, and the Ugly

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    Good bad ugly

    Dalam menyambut natal, Apple Inc., Samsung, dan Nokia meluncurkan iklan baru mereka guna mendorong penjualan produknya. Masalahnya, ketiga iklan dari tiga perusahaan ini, suka tidak suka, akan dibandingkan satu sama lain oleh pemirsanya. Mana yang lebih baik? Sebaiknya Anda lihat sendiri:

    Apple Inc.: Misunderstood.

    Kesan: hommy, ingin pulang, ingin dipeluk.


    Samsung: Are You Greared Up?

    Kesan: awalnya keren, tetapi adegan penutupnya, terutama ekspresi wajah si cowok, memberi kesan ill feel dan murahan.


    Nokia: For Work. For Play

    Kesan: ancurrr! 


    N.B. Tidak salah kalau almarhum om Steve Jobs bilang kalau Microsoft itu tidak punya selera yang bagus. Kasarnya sih seleranya buruk.

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  • Comparing Hardware Specks for Tablet Computers…

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    I’m not gonna make a review comparing hardware specs fro every tablets available on earth. There is a nice comment from Ratnesh on Saxena’s article and I could not agree more with him:

    Why get into the spec debate here? Why not use the article to actually test out these things to see which seems better optimized in terms of hardware-software pairing and interface? You can pack 10 gb RAM into a tablet, and have horrible software-hardware optimization and the end product will be all crap. Its like comparing a drag racer to a ferrari in a closed circuit..While the drag racer can boost at jet speed the ferrari is better optimized for the performance…Reviews that reflect opinion on the actual USE performance of the device hold more water.

  • iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C?

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    130910 iphone 5s vs iphone 5c

    If you haven’t noticed, P iPhone 5S – P iPhone 5C = $100.

    IMHO, that $100 difference is for:

    1. an insurance for not giving a thief an incentive to stole it (TouchID feature),
    2. better photos & videos (A7 CPU, 1080p front camera, larger sensors, f/2.2, true tone flash),
    3. better battery life when using an app that utilise accelerometer, gyroscope, compass (M7 chip),
    4. less thicker & less weight.

    For those reasons, I’d go for iPhone 5S.
    But I still love my iPhone 4S. Perhaps another 2 years ’till we see iPhone 6S. ;-)

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  • Cara Membackup Data di Mac

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    Pernah tidak kamu mengalami satu atau beberapa hal di bawah ini:

    • komputer hilang dicuri maling,
    • komputer terkena virus komputer sehingga data hilang,
    • hard disk rusak sehingga data hilang,
    • sistem operasi atau  program komputer yang sedang dijalankan crash/hang sehingga data hilang,
    • salah memencet/meng-klik keyboard/tombol mouse entah itu sengaja atau tidak sehingga data hilang,
    • tidak tahu masalahnya, pokoknya komputer yang saya pakai jadi kacau dan data hilang.

    Sepanjang 25 tahun saya mengenal komputer, saya telah mengalami semua hal tersebut diatas. Nah kalau data sampai hilang, nilai data itu bisa lebih besar dari harga hard disk tempat menyimpan datanya atau bahkan komputer kita sendiri bukan? Read the rest of this entry »

  • Membuat Hot Spot Praktis Dengan MacBook

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    Terkadang kita perlu membuat akses internet yang kita miliki bisa dinikmati dalam bentuk hot spot, baik itu untuk device kita yang lain, maupun untuk orang lain. Bayangkan kita sedang dalam perjalanan ke luar kota dan menginap di suatu hotel yang hanya menyediakan koneksi internet melalui kabel  ethernet. Bagaimana nasib iPad Wi-Fi kita? Atau kalau sedang di luar negeri di mana tarif roaming terbilang mahal, bagaimana caranya supaya Blackberry Messenger tetap bisa beroperasi dengan memanfaatkan Wi-Fi dari laptop kita?
    Jangan khawatir. OS X dan komputer Macintosh sejak lama memiliki kemampuan untuk membuat hot spot pribadi dengan beberapa langkah yang terbilang mudah. Pada kesempatan ini saya membuat panduan cara sharing koneksi internet di OS X supaya punya hot-spot pribadi: Read the rest of this entry »

  • OMG! Penyidik KPK Mau Ditangkap Polisi! (Again???)

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    Dari tweet Detik.com: Kabareskrim: Kasus Novel Murni Penegakan Hukum, Bukan Kriminalisasi (http://t.co/5NexX3NU). Ini aneh! Katanya ada bukti baru: peluru baru dikeluarkan dari korban, tetapi sumber senjatanya blm diketahui, apalagi pelakunya. Katanya pula kasus ini ditindaklanjuti karena keluarga korban mengadu ke Polisi. Di lain pihak keluarga korban membantah kalau telah melapor.

    Polisi yg mau menjemput pun kok bukan interpol?

    Dari awal perseteruan Polisi vs. KPK soal kasus alat uji SIM, masyarakat lebih pro KPK. Polisi seharusnya melakukan komunikasi lebih dulu antar pimpinan, antara Kapolri/Kabareskrim dengan Pimpinan KPK, jangan main menyatroni ramai-ramai seperti tadi malam (Jumat, 5 Okt 2012).

    Rakyat tidak bodoh pak Polisi!

  • Benchmark Chromium vs. Safari vs. Opera vs. Firefox dg SunSpider

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    Saya sehari-hari browsing internet dengan menggunakan browser yang namanya Chromium., sebuah varian dari Google Chrome. Ada beberapa alasan pemilihan sebuah web browser sebagai web browser utama yang hampir selalu kita gunakan sehari-hari dibandingkan dengan web browser lainnya. Alasan-alasan itu diantaranya:

    • fitur-fiturnya memenuhi kebutuhan kita,
    • cepat dan stabil
    • up to date mengikuti perkembangan teknologi internet

    Nah, dari sekian banyak web browser yang tersedia di platform Macintosh, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox dan Opera adalah 4 web browser yang paling terkenal dan yang paling banyak dipakai. Saya tidak akan terlalu banyak membahas fitur-fiturnya, tetapi saya akan menyajikan hasil uji kecepatannya.
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  • Fitur Gatekeeper di OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion dan beta di OS X 10.7.3 Lion

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    Baru saja baca informasi di MacRumors tentang fitur keamanan baru di OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) yang akan datang.

    Mac OS X users will soon have the option of turning on Gatekeeper, a new Mac OS X security feature. When a user does this, the system provides an additional measure of safety: it blocks that user from opening newly-downloaded applications that are not Developer ID–signed. In this scenario, the same user is easily able to launch downloaded applications that are Developer ID–signed.

    By default, Gatekeeper is not enabled in Mac OS X v10.7.3. For testing purposes, you can turn it on by using the new Mac OS X system policy control command-line tool, spctl(8).

    Artinya, pengguna nantinya tidak akan dapat mengunduh dan menjalankan applikasi yang tidak memiliki identitas resmi developer yang disertifikasi oleh Apple. Apa gunanya fitur ini?
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