Short story : The Protector

I opened my eyes and saw my teacher was standing in front of me with a red face. There was no one except me and him in class. Everybody had been left the class.
He took a deep breath and asked me with a sharp tone, “Did you have a good dream, Freya?”
I patted my cheek several times and answered “I’m sorry, sir.”
“Well, I hoped you enjoy your good dream and next time tried not to sleep during the class!” He walked out from the class.
I leaned on my chair and looked at the ceiling’s class. Thinking about what he asked. Good dream? I closed my eyes and smiled. Did I really have a good dream before? It would be good if I could have a dream, a good one or even a bad one. I looked around the class, it was really nice when there was no one around. I could be myself without trying hard to be someone else.
I stood up and walked out from the class. The hall was already empty. I passed by the locker without having to take my bag as usual and walked into the toilet on the corner hall. I saw someone on the mirror and recognized it as me. I washed my face then I went out. I identified some students who walk on the hall; one of them was waving at me, Nancy my classmate. She approached me and asked me to go home together. It was unusual.
“It’s okay. I’m used to go home alone.”
I wanted to walk away but she grabbed my arm “Oh, come on. I have something to tell you.
“Well, you can say it to me tomorrow.”
She held my hand tight and glared at me “No, you can’t go home alone today. You have to go home with me.”
“Why? Well, if what you want to say to me is really important, you can talk to me now.” I tried to let go from her grip.
She shook her head “I can’t”
“Then see you tomorrow.” She gave up and said “Okay, but please, try not to walking around of the street that you don’t really know.”
I nodded fast and walked away. Actually, I didn’t really understand why she said that, because usually we weren’t in a good term to talk. Even in this school there was no student that ever tried to talk to me. Then suddenly she talked to me and asked me to go home together.
When I was in front of the school’s gate, I saw someone standing. From the form, I could sure enough if it was a guy. His body was sturdy. He crossed his arm and leaned his back on the gate. He was wearing black sweater with hoody and jeans. He was facing me but I couldn’t see his face because of the hoody. It seemed he didn’t look at me because he bowed his head. I didn’t want to think about him. I just wanted to go home as soon as possible and slept right away.
I walked pass him by and kept walking. I almost fell asleep until I kicked a rock. I patted my cheek over and over so that I could keep awake. I looked around and realized that I couldn’t recognize the street. Did I lost? I didn’t know where I was. I tried to find people around but I couldn’t see anyone. I only saw buildings. There were old buildings everywhere. The building wasn’t like a normal building. All of the buildings were having black paint with some kind of white tattoo on it. Each building has different pattern. I felt like I knew this place. I was sure that I have seen those building before, especially the tattoos. It felt familiar. On different buildings there were only 4 doors, with different color blue, red, yellow, and gray. Those doors didn’t have any mark but the buildings were so full of it. What makes it weird was each door on the building have same handle form with different color. However, I didn’t feel like to open those doors, because I didn’t know why, but it seemed I knew what behind those doors. My heart recognized this place, but not my mind. I wanted to turn around but my eyes caught something. It was a door. The door was standing with a solid foundation on top of ruins. The ruins were at the end of the road. I noticed one door. That door was very full of color. There were many colors on that door, red, blue, yellow, pink, green, orange and purple. It was like a rainbow. The handle was round and black. I stepped closer to the ruins until someone patted my back.
“You can’t be here, Freya”
I jumped a little and turned around. I saw Nancy was standing behind me “Oh, God. Nancy. What are you doing in here?”
She didn’t talk. Her eyes stared at me “That was what I have suppose to ask you. What the hell are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you not to walking around on the street that you don’t know?”
“Yeah, you did. But this place is familiar for me, except that one. I want to see what behind it.” I pointed on the door.
She screamed. “No! You can’t do that Freya. There is nothing in here that familiar to you. We have to go now.”
I could feel a pressure on her. She really wanted me to go with her. She dragged me and made me follow her. I turned my head to the door and saw someone was standing in front of it. He was the guy that I saw before on the school gate. I couldn’t see his face again, he still wore that hoody. But I could see his lips. It moved, he said something. I couldn’t hear it or saw what he said. Suddenly, the wind blew and brought his voice to me.
The wind whispered in my ear “Come again. You will surely come again and soom we will meet again, Freya.”
I was frozen and so Nancy. She turned around and said. “Don’t, Freya. Never come here, ever again.” Could she hear that too?
I arrived at home and Nancy went as soon as I was home. She didn’t say anything and I didn’t even bother to ask her what have happened. I was thinking about the buildings, the door and him. What was the meaning of that? For the first time in life, I felt curious. My guts told me if there was something in taht place that was meant to me. I definitely have to see that place again. I sat on my bed and lied down. I closed my eyes and everytime I did this, I hoped that I could dream those buildings and the door, although I knew I couldn’t dream.
I opened my eyes and saw those buildings again. I looked around and I was sure it was the street that I saw before. But if I was not wrong, I already left this street with Nancy and I was at my room right now. Did I have a dream? I was still in my clothes that I wore before. I didn’t take more time to think if it was a dream or not because it must be a dream. I ran to the ruins. When I reached the ruins, I stepped through. I could feel some rock under my shoes. I was walking and looking around, searching the guy that I saw before. I didn’t see anyone so I reached the door. I took a step closer to that door and I feel my heart was going mad. It beat faster, —- faster, and —- faster. I slowly reached the door’s handle. The handle was so fragile. I thought if the handle was made from iron but it was not. The handle was made from wood.
I opened the door and entered. I could’t see anything for a while because it was so bright. My eyes adjusted the light little by little, then I smiled. This place was wonderful. If I was dreaming I was never know if a dream could be so beautiful like this. I saw a waterfall with a big rock in the bottom and a vast red rose garden. The waterfall was filling up the small lake with clear water. At the end of the waterfall, there was a rainbow. I bet the water was really fresh. I got closer and the water from waterfall splashed on my face and I realized the water made me feel excited. I saw some mosses in a side of the rock. There was no dent, even a scratch on that rock. I smelled the roses and the scent was filling in the air. When the wind blew and brought the haze of the waterfall, the scent of the roses with the mosses became stronger. I was lying on smooth green grass in front of the rose garden. The grass felt like feathers that caressed my body. With smile on my face, I closed my eyes to feel more. Then I heard someone laughing, his laugh was like a bell ringing. After that I heard a sound. It came from behind the rock and I caought a glimpse of a shadow behide it. I saw someone threw a rock to the water. I stood up and stepped closer. When I got in the water and reached the rock, I didn’t see anyone but I saw something on the rock.
There were some words on the rock.
It said “Welcome, Stranger. Try to stay out of the water if you want to stay alive.”
It seemed like a threat for me. I ignored the warning. I wanted to swim on this lake. I took off all of my clothes and swam. The water was so fresh. I explored the lake. I climbed the top of the waterfall and saw everything, the lake, the rose garden, even the rock was like a tiny rock from up here. Finally, I jumpped and made a big splash. Although the water was so cold, I didn’t feel it because the weather. It was so nice to swim in the hot weather like this. I did some jumps form the rock until I decided to go to the bottom of the waterfall. I washed my body. I closed my eyes to feel the water.
Suddenly, I heard something enter the water. I opened my eyes and saw a guy was sitting in the edge of the lake. I startled and hide behind the rock.
He giggled “It’s useless; I know you’re there.”
I brave myself and took a peek. He was a guy with short wavy hair and have a piercing in his left ear. He was wearing short jeans and blue t-shirt with a weird pattern on it. I couldn’t see his face because he was blocking the sun.
“Are you someone that throws a rock before?” I asked.
“Hmm, throw a rock? May be, but I guess you’re not obeying the warning”, he pointed at the words on the rock with his hand.
I cleared my throat “Oh really? Why I have to obey it? I can do whatever I want and I don’t care with that stupid words. It’s my dream.”
He giggled, “Well, I guess you’re very ecstatic about you finally have your first dream. But did you know? Those stupid words can save your life. I just try to warn you, but you said you don’t care. So, I guess I don’t have to waste my time to save you. Wait, did I want to save you.” He rubbed his chin, pretending like he’s thinking. He’s rude.
I still couldn’t see his face, “How did you know if it is my first dream? What do you mean? Why I have to stay out from the water?”
He stood up on and smirked I think,“Well, one question in time. I’m just guessing. You have to get out of the water now, because this is the sacred lake. If there is any stranger swim on this lake, he or she will die.”
“What? How can there’s be such a scary lake. You try to warn me but you wrote the warning in this stone. There is no other way to know what yo write if I don’t enter the water. Are you stupid or something?”
He laughed “If I do it smartly, I can’t see something interesting when I see you die.” He aas sure not a good guy.
“She won’t die.” There was another voice.
There. He was standing beside that rude guy. He was the guy that I saw on school and the ruins. I couldn’t see his face though, only his lips.
“You! You were the guy from before right?”
He smirked “I told you that we will meet again. Can you get out of the water now?”
I blushed “I can’t.”
“See, she actually wants to die. Just let her, I want to see her die.” The rude guy grinned.
“If you’re not comfortable because you’re naked you can wear that robe.” The hoody guy pointed at a tree near the lake.
I saw the tree and the robe. It’s blue, dark blue. I was counting the distance between me and the tree. It’s not really that far. Actually, it was preety close than my clothes that lying not far from their feet. But, that robe was hanging on a branch of the tree so if I took it I needed to come out of the water and my body would be seen by that two guys over there. It’s better to stay in the lake.
The rude guy laughed “So that’s why you dont want to come out of the lake because you ashamed of being naked. Relax, your body isn’t that good.”
That guy was really really rude. The hoody guy wanted to laugh too, I can see that. “Wow, both of you are really a gentleman. It is so obvious that makes me can’t see it.”
That rude guy stopped laughing. And the hoody guy came closer to the lake. “Well, if you like, we can turn around so you can come out.”
“Yeah. Sure, Princess.” The rude guy grinned, again.
I wanted both of them get out of my dream. They couldn’t tell me what to do. I walked away from the rock and came out of the lake, reached the robe and put it on without even trying to look at them. Now what, say that again. I dare you. I got closer to them and grabbed my clothes.
The rude guy gave me a little bag, “Well, I take back what I said. You’re not that bad. You can put your clothes in this bag. By the way, my name is Glenn.”
I took the bag the bag while the hoody guy took down his hoody. “And my name is Ethan.”
Finally, I saw them. They’re preety good-looking actually. Ethan had blue icy eyes with a cold smile as his eyes and Glenn had deep green eyes with a mysterious smile.
I put my clothes in the bag, may be I could wear this when I found some place to change.
“Follow us, Freya.” Ethan turned around and walked.
I followed them, didn’t sure it’s the right thing to do though. But I have so many question. “Why did you know my name?”
Glenn walked faster to face Ethan “Oh, Ethan. Why did you say she doesn’t have to die?”
Ethan answered “Because she is the protector.”
I stopped. “The what?”
Glenn stroked his chin, “Ahh, really. So that’s the reason why she doesn’t turn into something else and die when she entered the water. Hmmm, honestly I expect she will turn into something then die horribly. It’s been a long time to see someone die at that lake.” He giggled.
There had to be something’s wrong in these guys. How could you laugh about dying. It’s definitely not thing you could laugh at. Then the other guy, Ethan whatever his name was, wanted me to follow them. I stopped following them and waited, “What is the protector? And how did you know my name?”
Ethan stopped and answered without looking at me. “It is not something that I deserve to tell you. The holders will tell you.”
I didn’t understand what he’s talking about. “What did you mean with the protector? Who are the holders? Where do you want to take me?”
“Sweetheart, you seems like a quiet type but, you always ask many questions in the same time. Why don’t you start walking, follow us and you will find the answers.” Glenn giggled.
I couldn’t believe it. “No! Why do I need to follow you. I dont take orders from anyone. I demand the answers now, because this is my dream. I definitely have to know what has been going on in my dream.”
Finally, Ethan turned around and stepped closer to me. His eyes were piercing my eyes. His eyes looked cold as ice and he whispered on my ear “Did you really think, if right now, you are dreaming, Freya?”

To be continued….

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