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  • Short story: We Miss Those Days

    2015 - 03.09

    Someone said, looking at the past could make you can’t see the future. Well, I disagree with that. Because sometimes the past could make you remember what happen in your life, make you laugh and my you remember who you are.
    The weather was so hot; as expected from the city that famous with the friendly cool weather. It would be very nice, if I could swim in the cold water. It kind of remains me something about what I always do when the weather was hot like these days and I missed those days. Because when that time, I always finds a way to have fun. Fourteen years ago when I was 6 years old, I lived in Banten. In Banten we always have such a hot weather every day. Even, when the wind blew, it couldn’t reduce the weather. I always feel exhausted when I went home from school, because sometimes I should walk home on foot. You could imagine the weather when the sun was in the high. It felt like your head, hair and body were burn. The nice idea while it happens was plunge.
    At that time, I always look forward to go to home. Although, I had to go through the hot weather, I had something that always waits for me to cool me down. At my home, I had a special and lovely large container. This large container was covered with blue ceramic and a faucet in the middle. I have two, sometimes three, broom fishes in the large container and I liked to play with it.
    As soon as I home, there was no one at home beside my little brother; he was younger a year than me. My father always wastes his time in grandma’s home while my mother worked. My older sister and brother had not home yet. Therefore, I had quality time to fondle myself. I am very close with my brother, we plays and studies together. Although he is a guy, he wanted to play dolls, cook and pretend to be hair designer. However, between some games that we liked, we have one special game. It was nose-diving on the large container. At that moment, perhaps we thought it was fun. In such hot weather, we were swimming on it. The large container was enough for 3 children, so there was some space for us. We play with the broom fishes. We took it out from the water, pretended it was a plane, and made it crush each other. As a consequence, the broom fishes died every time we had played.
    It was fun. Even though, many times our back or head have accidentally bump into the faucet, we never stop to play in it. However, the ‘strange’ thing was, when we wanted to pee, we out from the large container and after we finished we entered it again. We always swim in the large container when our parents not home, but when they home while we were diving; we were hurry out of it, wearing our clothes and pretending open the book to study. Thus, when our parents, especially our mom came, she looked at us with smile on face. She said, “Wow, my children are so nice, already took a bath and now, you are studying.”
    She doesn’t know if we have swim on our large container. After that, she would take a mandi and the water was already we used to play. Now, every time I remember those days, I always feel regret and fun. Regret, because I did something bad to my parents, they have to use the water that I used before. Fun, because it was the funniest game that I ever did with my little brother. Nowadays, I cannot play like that with my little brother again. Sometimes, we talked about it and laughed of it. Yeah, both of us miss those days.


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