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    2014 - 01.09

    Relationship between Women and Men

    Women and men, different genders are always getting along with “harmony”, but never balance. Relationship between masculine and feminine cannot be treated as equal. There is must be something that marked masculine or feminine. In society, every masculine things are always more powerful than feminine. Therefore, it is hard to imagine a more perfect example of a particular relationship between two of it,said Cixous in Castration or Decapitation. Masculine tries to control feminine by everything that they can take over. Cixous also states that masculine consists of trying to make a soldiernof feminine by force. What I see that feminine do not aware if they are being control by masculine. Cixous said it because the threat of decapitation, but eventhough they not lose their head, they are still losing their authority by turning into machine. They keep losing it because they cannot take order seriously, that is what Cixous said. However in my opinion, women can take order seriously if men and society do not judge and make them like that because Cixous ststed that women is afraid by decapitation and men is also afraid by castration that women creates. Eventhough both of women and men do not realise it. In every relationship that are related in both genders is always women who threats men by castration, sothen men also make their masculinity to control women by women’s fear of decapitation.


    Cixous, Helene. 1981. Castration of Decapitation. Pg. 41-55

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