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  • 2019 - 04.20

    I realized how today we can’t live peacefully when we turned of the internet


    2019 - 03.13

    These days weren’t really good…
    I feel like I’m immersed in my lazy habits
    I used to be good at several things when I was young, just a bit of effort I can do anything good, I never have a problem studying since I don’t want to be the first place too, but now I think everything is different, I’m not what I used to be or just this world getting harder
    I realized that it was very difficult to be a good person, sometimes I thought ‘do I have to be a good person to survive?’
    I found a quote that really represents how I live, it said,
    ‘I didn’t even ask to be born, so why do I have to study hard then choose carrier just to be survived’
    When I read it, I think like ‘OMG, it’s really me’ lol
    But I still believe, this life is worth to live
    *I’m not good at English, still learning XD

    Neo Bank

    2019 - 03.13

    Neo Bank is a bank with a different system

    Got curious?


    What to do with this blog

    2019 - 02.22

    I made this blog just for the fulfillment of an assignment, and I wonder what can I do after that

    I always have a problem with expressing myself, since I’m an introvert person and not have much social interaction in my life

    So, I guess I’ll try to use this blog and writing anything that come through my mind

    miss home

    2018 - 12.24

    hi, well i have been stuck in some problem with my internship’s project
    So, i randomly read my browsing history and found this blog that i made for one of my favorite subject in fourth semester
    Maybe write something could refresh my mind and give me some idea to solve this annoying problem

    So, this semester break i have no chance to back home because of my internship schedule 🙁
    even that i have friends in here with the same problem, still it feels lonely, because i only have a chance once per semester, and i want to celebrate my lil sister seventeen birthday, very sad because of that. I realized that in the future i may not have many opportunities to visit my family

    Hello world!

    2018 - 05.19

    Selamat datang di Blog Universitas Padjadjaran. Ini adalah artikel pertama Anda.