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At school we were told to make a mobile app for android. The teacher said we can use Java, because this is for the lecture of OO Programming 2, the OO Programming 1 was about basic Java SE. For this lecture we will develop mobile app alone not in a team. I proposed to my teacher if i can used React Native for developing later and he said yes. So, i run into React Native page and set up for local dev. After a while the API and structure was a little bit different to ReactJs. I struggled when trying to connect my phone to my laptop using expo app. It failed several times, but i can figured it out after digging into stack overflow & github issues. The hot reload sometimes failed, i haven’t found the answer for this one, after all it was quit fun. Maybe i’ll follow for more tutorial about developing mobile app in React Native. After some reasearch i get a suggestion in youtube about Flutter. It’s a framework for bulding android & ios app using Dart language. It was inspired by react they said and after tried it building simple app following their guids, it was really enjoyable develop in Flutter.

Written by fahmifan909 on February 28th, 2018

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