How To Remove Smoke From Your House

I’m outside of my home and show you a little bit about why smoke removal in a home is so challenging so come on in on a walk you through and gives you a little tour of an of a normal home. Get my cat there here look at. Yeah hi, misty. Kitty Kitty cat. Alright. Let’s go ahead inside. And as you say we get 2 story homes steps up. First level and the biggest challenge that you’ve got. Is that let’s say you’re sitting on this couch. Smoking a cigarette. Or perhaps. Here at the kitchen table and you’re having a cigarette. Well as you can tell. There’s a big wide open area here. And the smoke can draft. Throughout the entire space. No, it actually makes this a lot worse. Is the fact that.

Over here on the floors. At least in my home there on the floors. You’ve got the supply of minutes. Which is where the heat and air conditioning. Get blown into the room. So now you’ve got another one back there behind my son’s rock band set out. Yeah but there’s a supply that. And over here on this wall, I have a return air vent. Now that return air vent by design. Is set up to suck the air in the room into the Vance. To pass it by the duct work or pass it through the furnace where the air conditioning system P. to heat or cool the air. And then redistribute that heated or cooled air through the rest of the home. Now the big challenges that if you’re smoking. Anywhere in this environment that smoke is quickly going to get caught up in the air flow. Of your central ventilation system. And essentially get redistributed throughout the rest of the home. So you may not think that there’s a lot of air flow created by this system. But I’m actually going to show you one or 2 things real quick. With your hand, he normally wouldn’t feel too much. You know it’s hard to feel suction. But with the central fan blowing. And a tissue here looks what happens.

There’s enough suction hole that tissue in place now that may not seem like a lot. But again the goal of that central ventilation system. Is to. Recirculated air in the entire home. 5 to 6 times an hour. That’s a lot of air flow. The Same thing holds true for these events over here. You may not think there’s a lot of air flow. The look what’s happening with this man. I mean this issue is can’t even stay anywhere near. That’s an awful lot of breeze happening there. Just by this one little fat. Now imagine we’ve got. 68 Vance down here on the first floor. And that one main return Arafat. He missed the. So there’s an awful lot of airflow to contend with. So now we’re actually upstairs in the hallway onto left is my son’s room straight ahead is the master bedroom. And I want to show you what that airflow in the ductwork actually does.

What kind of problems it is so let’s say you smoke in her bedroom and you keep the door shut you probably think well I should be fine right the doors shut smoke shouldn’t get out. But again based on bad air flow that’s created by the central ventilation system. You’ve got a problem there’s a crack under the door. Then let me show you what happens here is that same tissue. Then as her lower it down. You say it actually blowing. Away from the crack in the door. Do this again. So it actually blows way. There’s enough air flow there to push that issue. Away from the crack. If I get a better angle and. So that tissue. Just really that just proves how much airflow there is clear evidence even. Theme holding the tissue up. In the air. Okay so now that you’ve seen how much the airflow within a home can cause problems when it removes smoke and keeping it from infecting the rest of the home.

A couple quick tips. In this home, we’ve got. Supply vents up on the wall do matter where they are if they’re up near the ceiling were down near the floor get some duct tape. Seal them off. Put a piece of cardboard over an inductive that down. We’re just applying some duct tape directly over the Vance what you want to do is create a seal salute this return air vent does not suck the smoke out of your little smoking room. And redistribute throughout the rest of the home. The other thing you’re going to want to do. Is actually. By some weather stripping. And see if you can seal off that crack under the door another thing you can do is you can buy one of those draft Dodgers. From linens and things or some other type of a.

You know home store but you want to create an environment where the smoke cannot escape. Through the crack in the door. And also get drawn out through that return Arafat. So now what that does is it actually creates a room. Where you’ve got. Been nice tight seal place. The last thing you actually want to do. To help alleviate some of the challenges by the airflow is crack a window. And now pointing at the vent on the floor again. By sealing off the vent on the wall. By putting weather stripping on the door you’re creating another challenge it’s called positive pressure, in other words, you’re pushing more air into the room. Then is allowed to escape the room.

Now if all you did was that. Anytime you opened up the door there be a quick gust of wind going out what would happen the smoke would blow out with it. So you want to crack a window. And that will actually give a vent for this positive pressure to escape. It’s also going to allow a certain amount of positive pressure. To. Drag some of the smoke out with you which will actually create less of a problem to begin with but. Essentially open up the window and you’re not gonna get as much cold air and hot air coming in depending on whether. Conditions as you might think. Because you’ve got more positive pressure in the ribs and actually the airflow is pushing out the window. By doing those things it doesn’t matter if you’ve got an air cleaner or not that will dramatically minimise the effect of the smoke on the rest of the home and your family. Now. On the right-hand side, there is a link that says products.


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