Cloud Hosting for IoT Devices

Internet of Things has been a real talk these couple of years. We can see many IoT implementation in our daily life and startups has been building their own IoT Solution. The IoT platform also becomes popular since the market of Internet of Things is very big. It is expected to reach USD 12.64 Billion by 2022

The IoT Platform or what most called cloud hosting for IoT devices is the new market opportunity. Currently there are many startup that build their IoT solution in IoT Platform. Main reason of why IoT platform becomes favorite is cutting the cost of development by simplyfy the process.

With faster process, the IoT solution can be lauched faster and that makes them have a big chance to win the market. Some tips for startup who wants to launch their IoT devices:

  • Build and Launch Faster

With so many startup building their IoT Solution, the way to win the market is obviously to launch it soon. The quickest they launch, the fastest they can reach the market.

  • See Your Target Market

Even though Internet of Things is so hype, it doesn’t mean that you can launch whatever product to the market. See what’s the problem in the market then try to solve it with Internet of Things. That way you can create valuable product.

  • Create the Ecosystem

Build an ecosystem in an complete and integrated platform. It has to support developers needs. Building in different platform for a solution will be wasting money and time.

  • Scalable Ecosystem

The platform should be able to scale from the get-go. If your system isn’t scalable, your organization can be left with useless devices and lost money in the immediate future.

  • Managing Ecosystem

Carefully examine your network infrastructure and the components that ride on it. Making sure that the infrastructure works in the right time and right people.

The most important thing if you want to launch your IoT Solution is you have to understand the technology, find an easy and fast way to build the solution, and launch it to the right market.


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