Research Scheme


Accepted Funding
2012 (proposed)

Competency Grant of Directorate General of Higer Education

Protoype Development of Open-source Mobile Application For Extracting Semantic Information from Digital Image

Rp. 100,000,000 or US$10,000
2011 (current)

Fundamental Research Scheme of Directorate General of Higer Education

Exploration of Computer Vision New Methods for Semantic Analysis and Interpretation of Digital Image Contents

Rp. 29,000,000 or US$2,900

Post Graduate Grant ITB

Intelligent Framework for Digital Image Understanding

Rp. 80,000,000 or US$8,000

Competition Grant of PHK Mathematics Department UNPAD

Using Skin Color Information for Detection Face in Digital Image

Rp. 15,000,000 or US$1,500

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