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Scientific Method

Scientific method basicly is part of our life. Almost all human being are doing scientific movement. W can understand if we look at everyday activities. Prof  Judistira in his book – Metoda Penelitian Kualitatif – describes that an individual for example has a plan to go to a city like Bandung. He or she could […]

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Basic Text of International Relations

In a lecture plan with a Title Theories o International Relations from London School, I Notice some of basic text for this subject. It is interesting that International Relations in UK has unique with basic text in US. Author of these books below shows that they are British international relations academician. This can be interpreted […]

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Visiting The Essex University

It is quite interesting that a university in The United Kingdom, such as The Essex University, put all resource in a library. The big library is located in central place of university. The building consists of seven floors at least with full of book every floor. This is again show a principle in higher education […]

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Latest Debate on International Relations

To understand state of International Relations today, a website like could give new perspective. The website discuss opinion and suggestion several leading writer on this discipline. On who influence Kenneth W Waltz he says: I suppose Hans Morgenthau in the modern period has been more widely influential than any other single author. And I […]

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Function of Knowledge

To understand why certain intelectual very much involve in developing science including social science, it is important to understand function of knowledge. Based on lecture by Prof Djadja Saefullah, to quote Fred Kerlinger, regarding function of knowledge. a.The static view à an activity that contributes systematized information to the world b.The dynamic view à an […]

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Back to Academic Life

After for more two decade absent from academic life, 2016 is historical moment for me. As graduate of FISIP Unpad in 1998, I embarked a career in media. And after three years, I had opportunity to continue study in Birmingham, United Kingdom to get master degree in International Relations at University of Birmingham. Now I am […]

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Blog by Unpad will enhance horizon of our academic life.

Selamat datang di Blog Universitas Padjadjaran. Unpad, particularly, postgraduate school, full with profesional equip by depth knowledge and even wisdom. These world is essential in modern life now. This has already proved in Western Hemisphere. Modern society should be developed by scientific thing rather than by speculative thinking. I believe the intellectuals in Unpad will […]

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