Balai Depan

Ari Adipurwawidjana

Nous! Véritable lecteurs: mes semambles, mes créateurs.


Department of Literature and Cultural Studies Universitas Padjadjaran


+62 87822118131

August 2019-January 2020 Tentative Schedule of Classes

Monday 09.20-11.00 Reading Texts of Various Modes (Kelas A)

Monday 12.30-14.10 Advanced Studies in Literature

Tuesday 09.20-11.00 Pokok dan Tokoh Sastra Dunia

Wednesday 09.20-11.20 Advanced Studies in Literature

Wednesday 12.30-14.20 Critical Theory

Wednesday 14.40-16.00 Kajian Sinema

Friday 09.20-11.00 The Politics of Narrative Method

Friday 14.40-16.30 Theater and Performance

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